Perhaps you have a small apartment, but don’t really know how to decorate it. If this is you, not to worry! It’s actually easier than you might think. For example, you can find furniture that serves small apartment with multiple functions. Want to know more? Keep reading below as in today’s article, we bring you some stylish, space-saving options that you will love to have.

1.C-Shaped Side Table

In a small living room, even a slim side table can make the room feel cluttered, but the minimal base of a C-shaped table means you can place it near an armchair or sofa without taking up much floor space. It provides enough surface area to place a drink, a book or a small vase of flowers.

2.Ottoman Table

Not only a great place to sity and put your feet up, an upholstered ottoman also offers a little hidden storage. Store sheets, blankets, books or anything else you don’t need on a daily basis.

Or incorporate this beauty into your living room instead of a standard coffee table. Also, if you get an ottoman table with a wooden top, you will have plenty of space to put all the essentials that are usually placed on a coffee table.

3.Folding Table

57" Modern Solid Wood Folding 5 Piece Dining Table Set Drop Leaf with 4  Chairs | Folding dining table, Space saving dining table, Foldable dining  table

A folding table is a boon for people who love to entertain but don’t have the space for a full dining table. It can be adjusted to fit your space (and the size of your family meal) with side sections that fold or unfold as needed.

When you are not hosting parties, it can serve as a simple console table or a small dining area for two.

4.Side Table with Storage

Don’t waste space with a nightstand that offers no storage. Modern nightstands are valuable acquisitions that can be of double uses. By investing in a piece that has space on top, a drawer and a shelf underneath, you can maximize bedside storage.

5. Vertical Shelving

People who live in small spaces often forget to use their vertical space properly. Large vertical shelves take up minimal floor space while providing multiple feet of vertical storage. They can hold many books, or even a minibar.

6. Bar Cart with Wheels

When you’re short on space, a separate sideboard or bar cabinet may not be appropriate. Not to worry! There’s a stylish and portable option: a rolling bar cart. This wonder not only goes where you need it, but it can also hold just about anything, like books, bar supplies and extra dishes.
You won’t regret adding this item to your furniture collection. Just make sure you buy a classic style that you really like.

7.Corner Desk

Making use of a piece of space that is often wasted is a real feat. Want to know an easy way to do this? Invest in a corner desk that makes use of a space that is not often used.

It offers enough space to work and review your bills without taking up the room. It’s ideal for a forgotten corner of the living room or bedroom because it saves space. It can even be useful in the kitchen or any other room.


Make sure your modern sofa has a small profile, thin legs, low back and not too deep (less than 80 cm deep). It is best to keep the arms of the sofa lower.

If your room is so small that even a coffee table won’t fit, make sure the arm of the sofa is wide enough for you to use it to sit and have a drink.

We also recommend buying a sofa that is solid in color (no patterns) and raised off the floor. Sofas that go all the way down to the floor are heavier and more imposing. Always think about the air flow under and around the furniture.

Finally, your sofa should have a smooth fabric. Heavy fabrics or distressed leather are a bad idea, as they draw too much attention.

So far, we’ve shown you some of the best furniture options for small apartments. Before buying a particular one, be sure to compare several models in different stores and evaluate the quality of materials. We hope that this information has been interesting for you! Let us know what you think in the comments below.