If having a dressing room used to be reserved for occupants of spacious homes, today, many clever solutions make it accessible to almost any home. You, too, would like to create an excellent storage space for your clothes, and I understand you! So in this article, I offer you a selection of the best tips to allow you to organize a dressing room at home, even if you think you lack space.

Take stock of your storage needs


To get started and prepare your dressing room organization, it is necessary to take stock of your needs, your desires, and of course, the space you have at your disposal. Depending on how they live and occupy their home, each family will have to deal with different variables. So when I do an audit at the beginning of a space planning project, I always take a moment to talk about the delicate issue of storage in the rooms.

I then ask a few questions to identify each family member’s expectations properly. In this way, I make sure that I make a proposal that is truly in line with my client’s needs.

The objective: to offer them a functional, elegant dressing room and, when necessary, to save space.

    • Here are the questions to ask yourself before starting to create a dressing room:
    • Who needs storage? In which room?
    • Do you prefer to hang or fold your clothes?
    • Do you have enough storage today?
    • Are the whole family’s shoes and coats in the hallway, or do they need space in the dressing rooms?
    • Do you prefer everyone to have their dressing room, or do you want to create a shared storage space?
    • Once my clients have answered these questions, I invite them to show me their closets to get a good idea of the space they already have.

Sorting for clarity

Before designing a dressing room to accommodate your clothes and shoes, evaluating the volume of stuff to store is necessary; ideally, in order to save space, see more clearly and keep a well-organized closet, it is preferable to do some emptying. Yes, but… it’s not always easy to know what to get rid of and where and how to intelligently separate yourself from unused clothes.

So start by putting aside anything you haven’t worn in a while and don’t think you’ll ever wear again. Then, to know if you should part with it, ask yourself what emotion the garment gives you.

You love it, and you think you can’t part with it? Keep it! If not, put it in the discard pile. You can then throw it away, give it away or sell it.

1. Think about your needs


First of all, ask yourself how many people will use your dressing room. It is obvious that if you set it up for yourself, its size will be smaller than if it concerns the whole family. But the organization of the dressing room must also be done according to your clothes. Do you regularly wear suits? Do you have a large number of shoes? Do you use additional accessories like belts or ties? The key to a well-designed dressing room is that each item of clothing and each accessory can fit naturally.

2. Small spaces: think space-saving tips

Every corner of your home can be used for storage. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can build the dressing room yourself or turn to carpentry and interior design specialist. But you should know that it is possible to place it in a laundry room, in a corridor, under a staircase, and more generally under a slope.

If you don’t have a lot of space, a sliding door is preferable to a swinging door. To optimize storage, plan specific elements to store your accessories. This will allow you to save space by using small storage boxes or hanging drawers.

3. Choose the right accessories for storage


Provide classic drawers, closets, and shelves in your dressing room. But for comfortable storage, also use complementary items depending on your wardrobe. Use a pants rack, tie rack, and hanging baskets for this. The idea is that each piece of clothing can be stored easily while still being accessible.

4. Make a plan

Rigor is required when designing your dressing room. You must be careful about the space available by taking very precise dimensions. Then, the layout is done according to the clothes in your wardrobe. To be sure to carry out your project, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

He or she will be able to propose ideas for custom-made layouts. It is always a good idea to have a dressing room at home. You don’t want to see your clothes, shoes, and accessories lying around in inappropriate places. So to avoid this situation, install a walk-in closet. You will undoubtedly gain in living comfort.

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