Interior decoration has the reputation of giving charm and tone to the different rooms of a house. While several tools can be used for this decoration, trompe l’oeil wallpapers are in vogue at the moment. Designed in various colors and with several designs, they have the necessary to sublimate the rooms and especially the living rooms. Discover the top 5 trompe l’oeil wallpapers for the living room through this article!

1. For rent


With its tall buildings that can be seen behind a glass roof, the For rent wallpaper happens to be a view of the metropolis. The image plays in a subtle way with the lines. It marks the perspective, relying on the structures of the canopy and its shadow projected on the ground.

For rent suggests an arsenal of colors that inspire serenity and beauty. We notice a sense of depth in terms of this wallpaper that works quite well. The observer is immersed in the luxurious atmosphere of urban environments.

To have a good wallpaper on the walls of his living room, it is recommended to get help from a professional interior designer. These specialists are present in all cities of France and are ready to share their experience in the world of interior decoration and painting.

2. Beach paradise

We find a palm tree in perspective on this wallpaper that takes the observer’s gaze to the beach. In the distance, the sea can be seen. Extending, it extends the space behind the sofa and enlarges the room through an opening to the outside. The paradisiacal landscape of the Paradise Beach wallpaper is quite admirable. The navy blue of the ocean combines with the sky blue of the horizon for a subtle backdrop.

In the huge sky at the top of the wallpaper, we see tiny clouds whose whiteness matches that of the sea sand that lies along the beach. Plage Paradis hints at a sumptuous decor that inspires comfort and relaxation.

3. Manhattan Break


The trompe l’oeil effect of the Break Manhattan wallpaper is illustrated by the bricks crumbling from the wall. These become more and more imposing as they escape in the direction of the living room. In the center of the wallpaper, we see skyscrapers of disparate heights that tend to tut at a sky dotted with blue, white, gray, and brown.

The white color of the bricks is quite pronounced and is cut to offer a bright hue to the living room. Break Manhattan proves to be an optimal choice for an original decoration.

4. Paris la Seine

Here, we observe a canopy that places a distant shot of the view of the French capital. On the wall of this wallpaper, the tapestry makes the living room occupants maintain the illusion of being high up inside a luxurious apartment in Paris.

We see an avalanche of buildings, with cars driving in alleys and on the main road. The Paris La Seine wallpaper offers living rooms the ambient atmosphere, charm, and warmth that the streets of Paris demonstrate.

5. Southern stone


On the Pierre du sud wallpaper, there is a photograph of a printed stone wall that will give living room occupants the impression of having real stones in front of them. Observers will want to feel the texture of these stones under their fingers. The specificities of the material make the effect of the material quite efficient.

The interstices, the diversity of the stone dimensions, the nuances of colors, and the shades make it possible to obtain a consequent realism.

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