The thermal insulation of a house is one of the first works to consider in the framework of an energy renovation. In fact, good attic insulation ensures excellent thermal comfort and allows you to save energy. According to the ADEME, 30% of energy losses are through the roof, hence the importance of insulating your attic. Discover the reasons to carry out this work.

1. Maintain the heat in the dwelling in winter


The attic is a part of the house in contact with the outside. If they are poorly insulated, the cold can easily penetrate your home, which can be unpleasant in winter. Similarly, heat will not be retained in the house because it will escape through the attic. In order to avoid all these inconveniences, you must resort to attic insulation to ensure a constant internal temperature during cold periods. It will also be a way to prevent drafts that threaten your thermal comfort.

2. Enjoying the coolness in summer

When your attic is well insulated, heat is maintained during the winter, but cool air will also be kept in the house in summer. Consequently, the external temperature will not have an impact on the house temperature. Indeed, good insulation of housing ensures you a high level of thermal comfort in any season.

Knowing that insulation often requires work on the roof, walls, and windows, it is advisable to make an energy performance diagnosis.

3. Realize energy savings


Since you benefit from an optimal temperature in your home throughout the year, your energy needs will be considerably reduced. Living in a well-insulated house that complies with the standards of the RT 2012 allows you to save up to 95% of energy.

Attic insulation is the perfect solution to reduce the cost of your heating bill. It protects you from outside temperatures and avoids the abusive use of heating appliances. Moreover, it allows countering energy losses through the roof.

4. Take advantage of financial aid

When you plan to insulate your attic, you can take advantage of many financial aids. The government has put these in place to encourage households to carry out energy renovation work.

We can cite among the renovation aids the Anah programs, local aids, the zero rate eco-loan, the reduced rate VAT… There is also a tax credit for the energy transition of 30%. To be precise, the zero rate eco-loan, as well as the tax credit, are accessible to all, while the other aids are subject to certain conditions.

5. A gesture to protect the planet


When you benefit from excellent thermal comfort at home, you decrease the use of heating devices. Therefore, there is less risk of wasting energy, and your footprint on the environment will be reduced.

It should also be noted that the planet’s energy resources are limited and must be preserved. Also, most heating devices can be more or less polluting as they emit CO2 and other gases during their use.

6. Increase the value of your home

By insulating your attic, you can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency. This inevitably affects the property value of your home. Thus, in the context of a future sale, you will be able to claim a high price because the house is well insulated and pleasant to live in. These strong points will attract many buyers.

Finally, note that insulation work can be more or less affordable depending on the insulation material used and the surface to be insulated. However, your eligibility for financial aid can significantly reduce costs.

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