Cleaning the roof is an essential step that requires taking many precautions. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best tips to follow for an efficient cleaning that will extend the life of your tiles and the various elements of the roof.

1. Clean your roof at the right time


If you are going to clean your roof, the first step is to clean it at the right time. Ideally, this should be done once a year, and it is recommended that you do it either in the spring, after the period of bad weather, rain, snow, frost, etc., or in the fall to remove the leaves from the roof.

Or in autumn to remove dead leaves, branches, moss, fungus, lichen and any dirt that has accumulated. In any case, on the day of cleaning, the weather should be dry, there should be no wind, and do not start this cleaning during a heat wave.

2. Use the right products for the roof

One of the tips for effective roof cleaning is to use the right products. Bleach, for example, is not recommended because it is not safe for you but also because it makes the tiles porous and weakens them. Opt for a special roofing maintenance product adapted to the material of the tiles.

Finally, the cleaning of a roof is completed by an anti-foam treatment and a water-repellent treatment to limit the stagnation of water and, therefore, the appearance of moss. All these products ensure better longevity of the tiles and limit the risks of leaks and infiltration in the roof.

3. Avoid using a Karcher to clean a roof


Among the recommended tips, it is important to avoid using a power washer to clean a roof. This device is very practical and removes dirt quickly and easily. However, the karcher only removes the dirt on the surface, which does not allow to avoid the appearance of moss and the installation of moisture. Moreover, the Karcher also makes the tiles porous, and they will thus tend to crack more easily. The Karcher does not ensure effective and sufficient cleaning.

4. Clean all necessary parts of the roof

Maintaining a roof requires careful cleaning of every part of the roof, not just the tiles. The parts of the roof that need your attention include the following:

    • The projections must be tight and clean.
    • Ventilation: check the opening and make sure that the ventilation grid is clean and well-fixed.
    • Openings, i.e. window connections, sash, dormers.
    • The chimney connections must be in good condition, especially to check for leaks.
    • Edges and ridges must be watertight and correctly fixed.
    • Gutters should be cleaned because they accumulate a lot of dirt that decomposes. Also, check the welds and fasteners.
    • And, of course, the roofing: remember to check that nothing is damaged before cleaning.

5. Call in the roofing professionals if you have any doubts


Finally, for an effective roof cleaning, it may sometimes be necessary to call in a professional, especially if you’ve never done it before or don’t feel up to it. A roofer will come and clean your roof; the advantage is that you will be guaranteed a quick and efficient job. Moreover, a professional will be able to point out any anomaly, whereas as a private individual, some disorders can pass unnoticed. Count between 15 and 30 €/m² for a roof cleaning by a professional.

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