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How to Clean Your Swimming Pool After a Harsh Winter?

Winter is finally over and now you can go back to being a summer child who yearned for the sun from morning till late afternoons. We all know that summer is best to be enjoyed in a swimming pool or at the sea, so if you can’t afford the sea, then the swimming pool is perfect. But what happens when you’ve closed your swimming pool for winter and it’s time to open it up for everyone? Well, the remedy to the situation is to clean the pool and we are going to tell you how!

  • Don’t empty your pool – Never empty your swimming pool, even if you stay in a cold climate unless there are some on-going works or your pool is filled with dead leaves from last fall. Remember to always cover your pool during winters! Emptying a pool can bring big problems as there is a high groundwater table during the wet season due to which it is not recommended to empty your pool. If you do so, your pool can break into two parts and it would mean a complete pool replacement.
  • Start cleaning it up – Clean out all the baskets and remove any plugs that you used last year. Start the process of cleaning your pool with a chemical open. Brush down the sides, steps, and ladders to make sure to get the corners and behind things that the vacuum can’t reach. Let the pool water pump for at least 24 hours in order to filter out the loose dirt. Go on and clean the filter cartridges and baskets a few times.
  • Have a professional test your water – Always have your water be professionally tested! Contact professionals who will take a sample and they will test for free. It is important that they do a complete test as they will have to test the alkaline and mineral content in the water before anyone jumps in. If you don’t have time to go to the store, then you can try DIY pool chemistry testing strips.
  • Balance your chemicals – You need to know how to balance your chemicals when cleaning your pool. Keep the PH level between 7.2 to 7.4 as it dictates how chlorine turn hypochlorous acid in the water. You can use soda ash to increase pH and muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate to decrease it. The total alkalinity should start from 80 to 120. Alkaline is a pH buffer and has to be consistent if the alkalinity level is correct. Use sodium bicarbonate to increase alkalinity and muriatic acid to decrease. Know that the calcium hardness should be from 150ppm to 250ppm and chlorine from 1ppm to 3ppm.
  • Don’t jump in yet – Wait for the water to clear before you take a dip. The entire process takes an entire week. Only when the water is clear and you can see the pool floor then you should remove the cover.
  • Maintain the pool – After cleaning the pool, don’t forget regular maintenance in order to keep the pool clean. Have a professional test the water once a month just to be sure.

How to Stay Sane During your Home Renovation

Do you have a hard time to keep you calm while going through a home renovation? It is true that home improvement is hard work and if you are a faint-hearted person, better learn to be patient weeks before starting your project. A home renovation project can test your relationship as well as your handyman skill as well. Despite the hardships, the results are extremely rewarding.

If you are going for DIY home improvement, it is definitely a cheaper alternative especially if you are on a strict budget. On top of that, you get to go through a lot of trials and errors and learn a lot of new things. If you are planning to have a DIY renovation project, check out the tips below, I am sure that they will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle!

Always be practical and realistic with your ideas

Nowadays with the help of technology, you will get tempted by all the fancy styling and big ideas on Pinterest. However, embarking on such a huge DIY project is not always the best option. While going through the internet to find your ideas, it is important to keep your budget and handyman ability into consideration. While it can seem easy while watching the videos, it might cost you more time or materials. Choose well!

Always plan your project from the beginning to the end

Before initiating anything, it would be advisable to plan your project from the start till the end. Planning on the go will just complicate things as renovation comes with a lot of small changes as well. Better plan everything so that you can get a clear picture of how much time and effort it is going to take. In addition to that, proper planning will not make you confused later on as well.

Make your shopping list and plan your budget accordingly

A home renovation project does come with its share of expenditure. Make sure that you put everything on your lists such as décor pieces and accessories, construction materials, tradesmen, fittings and furniture. Since it is a DIY project, the costs might add real fast and you might end up buying things which you do not need. If you don’t want any last minute bad surprises. Planning is better. Shop only according to your budget.

Ask for help

When it comes to home renovation, accepting help can be a real boon. May it be your friend or sibling willing to help you with the paint or your in-laws offering to babysit the kids. Even if they do not offer, you can come forward as ask for help. Try to ask as many people as possible and see if they manage to get some time off from their busy schedule. Reach out for help before your renovation date starts.

It’s okay to outsource when needed

If you know a friend who has special skills and can help you out, well there is no shame of hiring him to do something which you are struggling with. Even though you are a handy person, there are things which you should leave for professionals such as plastering and electrical works.

Plan your breaks

While you have started to work on your project, some days you might want to just finish the work before resting. Sometimes it does not happen until you are fully exhausted. That’s why it is vital to schedule break time as no renovation is more important than your health. By resting and recuperating yourself, you are going to be able to concentrate more.

Opt for meal prep

Since renovation is a full-time job, it is better to be fully prepared beforehand as you will practically have no energy to do something else. Prepare your meals ahead and refrigerate them which will save you money and time. This will also allow you to eat healthily.

Take the inconveniences into consideration

While you are still in the process of renovating, there is going to be a lot of inconveniences around you in the house. Most of the time, you will not be able to cook or do the dishes if you are doing the kitchen part, while for the bedroom part, you will not be able to enjoy your bed for few days. It’s better to plan beforehand which problems you are going to face so that you can come up with a solution.

Finish it off completely before rearranging the tools

Once your renovation is over, make sure that everything is done perfectly before put away the tools. It can be quite annoying that you started to clean up and you find out that work has not been done completely. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, better make sure that the job is done right.

In the end, doing your home renovation on your own is very fruitful and something that you can brag about with your guests.

What Types of Lights Decks to Install?

With summer in full swing, decks and patios are getting all the attention they deserve because this is where we hold so many of our favorite summer activities. You may have designed your deck or patio but what about lights. You would want to spend the evening with your friends and family while looking at the sky, well you can’t do that while you can trip over anything. So to enjoy the nighttime sky, here are some ideas to bring some lights to your deck.

  • Torches – These are fantastic as it provides light for your patio or deck area. Since it’s all fire, it is important that you take certain safety precautions when using these. Well, modern torches are very safe and you should not have any issue while using it. Remember to place them in a spot where they don’t accidentally catch with anything. Torches keep insects away from while you can enjoy your time outside and also these are good if you are hosting a small gathering on your patio or deck. The price and durability are the real reasons why most people buy torches. Torches can be placed around the deck for best results and you might want to use several torches to get that right amount of light.
  • Candles – Popularly used outside to help provide light, candles are mostly scented and are used to keep bugs away. Most people use candles in order to make their time outside pleasant. Candles are mostly used if you are planning any romantic night with your partner. Place several candles on your patio and deck as it can provide some ambient lighting. Candles are quite inexpensive, that’s why you can buy them whenever you want.
  • If you are someone who enjoys having light sources that feel more natural outside, then why not install a fire-pit! A fire-pit work better in your patio area than on a deck. It provides a lot of light and if it gets chilly where you live, then it will make you feel comfortable outside. Fire-pits are a lot of fun and almost everyone like using them at parties and If you have a deck, then install the fire-pit near the deck for safety reasons. It is worthwhile to have a fire-pit if you prefer this idea.
  • String lights – The most common types of outdoor lighting that is used on decks and patios. String lights give a totally different and whimsical look to your patio and deck. String lights can be used in different and imaginative ways that complement your deck décor.

Well, I hope these ideas will be beneficial to you in the best way possible!

Ways to Improve Your Deck This Summer

With summer soon settling in, it is likely that you will want to spend more time outdoors on your deck. The perfect spot to relax with friends and family. If you are looking for ways to improve your summer deck scene, then we’ve got some fresh ideas to make your outdoor space be more inviting and enjoyable. Hope you will love these ideas!

  • Decorate your yard – If you are not planning nay holiday soon, why not turn your backyard into a holiday-type spot. You can install a deck railing to help your outdoor living space feel more light and airy. If you want to be surrounded by nature, you can add some potted plants.
  • Build a wraparound deck – A wraparound deck is built along two sides of your home as it provides sunlight and easy access to the outdoors. These decks are perfect if you love having parties as there could be a place for your guests to overflow and socialize. Wraparound decks are the best as it looks like an extension of your living room.
  • Add color – Give your furniture a new life by painting them! Take a good look at the finish and if it’s looking a bit dull, then it’s not your style anymore.
  • Spend your evenings out – Trade your sofas for deck chairs and other comfortable outdoor furniture on your new deck. Put your feet up and enjoy some tanning. You can also add some lights to help you enjoy the evenings as well.
  • Add lighting – As mentioned above, lights are important while improving your deck. Agreed the days are longer and the nights are warm, so adding some ambient lights to your space can let you enjoy those summer nights more. If you are really into decoration, then turn your deck into a fairy tale garden with string lights along the railings. You can also create a tropical jungle with lanterns and tiki torches.
  • Create different zones – If you plan to host any parties this summer, then designate different zones for grilling, dining, dancing, and relaxing. If you have a pool then decorate it as an oasis.
  • Plan for heavy foot traffic – You deck will most likely become the most popular room in your house, especially if you are hosting or if the weather is pleasant. Before anything, just focus on the amount of time you are going to go on the deck.
  • Cover up – As it’s summer, the sun will be there always! So if you are not a fan of the sun, then go for deck umbrella or pergola. Any of these can add dimension and livability to your space.

Are you inspired or still looking for ideas? Let us know in the comment section below.

Building the Perfect Stone Fireplace for your Home

Fireplaces in homes are often the focal point of the whole decor when built with the right material. Stone fireplaces are a popular choice as they bring that classic and timeless charm to the whole room. In this post, we will tell you the importance of building a stone fireplace that matched your tastes and needs.

What type of fireplace do you want to build?

If you want high-quality stonework, unparalleled fitting and finishing, your options can vary from marble and granite to quartz and stone. However, stone brings an original charm and warmth that cannot be matched by any other material.

Step 1: Choosing between natural and manufactured stone

• Natural stone has no match for its beautiful colors and variations. Yet, The price can increase when including installations and other features.

• Manufactured stone cost lesser than natural stone and is easier to install due to their weight. It is available in many designs and colors.

Step 2: Choosing between the cut and color

Have you heard of words like Castle-rock or Ledge cut? Every type of cut is different from each other. For example, the Castle-rock has giant bed face stones with a more rustic appearance. While the Ledge cut has a thinner and modern look.

Tip: Bring samples of carpet and paint choices with you to line up with the stones. This will help you make your decision in the design gallery. If you are still unsure, don’t be hasty! Ask them for samples to take back home where you can take your time to decide what will best fit your home.

Step 3: Choosing the design

For a flat wall, typical ways of doing most stonework is an old masonry look. It incorporates a keystone in the middle and provides a more rustic look. Or, you can incorporate an arch in the fireplace to give it more depth.

If you prefer a more modern look, you can opt for a see-thru fireplace. It gives you options of stone on two different sides of the fireplace.

3.1 Choosing the fireplace hearth

A hearth is the stone slab that sits in front of your fireplace. The hearth protects your floor from radiant heat, sparks, and flying embers. It also protects the place from burning logs that may roll out of the fireplace. But, you can also use the space to set your ash buckets and fireplace tools.

There are four styles to choose from:

1. No Hearth – There is no hearth at all.

2. Raised Firebox – The hearth is BELOW the firebox opening.

3. Flush Hearth – The hearth is AT THE SAME LEVEL of the firebox opening.

4. Raised Hearth – The hearth is ABOVE the firebox opening.

3.2 Do you need a fireplace hearth?

If you are considering a gas burning fireplace, it does not need a hearth. Yet, they build most fireplaces this way. It gives you the look and feel of a traditional wood burning fireplace. It serves as a decorative purpose while being useful for a few things. For instance, defrosting your food or when you need some extra seating in your room and without forgetting the Christmas family portraits while sitting on the hearth.

3.3 Choosing the fireplace door

3.3.1 Overlap fit fireplace door

An overlap fit door of a three-sided or four-sided frame needs a raised hearth to sit on for support.

3.3.2 Inside fit fireplace doors

Inside fit doors can fit each of the four styles. In case of any gap between the height of the door and the frame, the installers can apply cement around the door. This way, they will fill in the gaps where recommended or necessary.

Step 4: Choosing the mantel

The fireplace mantel is the chimney-piece, just like a hood. Its traditional use was to catch masses of smoke that comes out of the chimney. With modern methods of heating, it is no more necessary to have a mantel. Now, the mantel serves as an ornamental and artistic feature of the fireplace and the room.

You should choose a color that matches the hearth and the rest of the fireplace. For modern designs, there are floating mantels while classic looks get more of a wood mantle. It will all depend on your taste.


Choosing the stone for your fireplace will be a decision that will affect the time of your stay in that house. Apart from being the centerpiece of your living area, the fireplace is where you and your family will make memories and have your most cherished moments. Picture the most important holidays like Christmas and New Year or the many lazy Saturdays you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. Your stone fireplace will be the place for family and friends to re-unite for your most happy moments.

Remember to share your views in the comment section below!

The Right Type of Natural Stone for your Bathroom

From marbles and limestone to slate and granite, there is a wide choice of natural stones to choose from for your bathroom. Opting for natural stone is a great idea as no two pieces are exactly alike and nothing else adds so much warmth and texture to the bathroom. They bring beauty, durability and resistance to your countertops, walls and floor of your bathroom.

Marble is a popular choice

Used efficiently around the bathroom and with the right design, marbles can add that luxurious touch to the whole area. They durable and available in a wide range of colours and designs. Marble is a relatively porous stone, but you can get around this problem by having it properly sealed.

Limestone is another material you can opt for

Limestone can be used on bathroom countertops and other surfaces if properly sealed and maintained. Many people prefer this stone because of its matte finish and simplicity. It is also available in a variety of hues when combined with different minerals.

Slate is more affordable

On top of being an elegant stone, slate is slightly more affordable than other natural materials. It is available shades of grey and black and can thus be used as a contrast with other neutral colours. Slate is less porous than marble, but proper sealing can result in a longer lasting surface.

Sandstone is a versatile material

If combined with minerals, sandstone can adopt different hues. Similar to other natural stones, slate requires sealing to maintain its condition and prevent staining. Unfortunately, the inherent porosity of this material makes it difficult to maintain when used in moist and humid areas like the bathrooms.

Granite is one of the popular materials

Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. With its varied patterns and colours, this natural stone allows for a wide range of styles designs for your bathroom. However, compared to other materials, it is also more expensive.

Soapstone belongs in the bathroom

Many people think that soapstone is only a kitchen countertop material, but some are moving soapstone into the bathroom to make the most of material’s qualities. It is the perfect natural stone for sinks or bathroom countertops. With its stain resistance qualities and low maintenance, cleaning and caring for soapstone is much easier.

Make the most of your search for the perfect natural stone for your bathroom by going through the pros and cons of all these materials before deciding which one you will use.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Benchtop

Be it granite, marble, engineered stone or wood, your kitchen benches should be chosen according to your tastes and budget. The decision can be really difficult with the vast amounts of styles and materials flooding the market. Now, even when you have selected the right material, you have to take into account the cleaning and maintenance requirement of the chosen material!

So, here are some useful tips to help you navigate this storm that is choosing your kitchen bench:

Start with a planning of your budget

The budget will be the first thing to consider because the lower the budget, the narrower your choice of materials, while a bigger one gives you the freedom (and also headache) of choosing whatever material you wish to have in your kitchen.

How often do you use your kitchen?

Do you cook everyday or once a week? And are you a fastidious cleaner? These questions can really be helpful because the way you use your kitchen will be a factor to consider when choosing the material. Note that marble is porous and stains easily, while granite can easily be cleaned and are more durable.

The size of the slab for your benchtop

The size of your kitchen benchtop will obviously depend on the design and size of your kitchen. Ensure you have the right material that matches the style you want. If you want a single piece without joins, then you can opt for oversized slabs. Natural stone bench are durable and require minimal cleaning compared to wood benchtops.

How much you like the look of the material?

The next thing to consider is the aesthetic. How much you like the look of the available materials now that you have narrowed your choices? If beauty is what you need then you’ll plenty of choices. For exmaple, grey tones kitchen benchtops are more and more popular nowadays. Natural stone, such as Carrara and Dolomite marbles, Superwhite natural stone, (which has pale grey veining), or the equivalent look in engineered stone.

Choosing colour and finish

Check with your stone mason about the characteristics of certain natural stones. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the stone, the more porous and susceptible to staining it will be. You should also consider how the benchtop colour will match with floors, walls and joinery. Additionally, materials like engineered stones are more resistant to ultra-violet rays than other materials.

Maintaining your kitchen benchtop

Wiping and cleaning your benchtop surface is a habit you’ll have to adopt if you want your surface to look new longer. Wipe surfaces regularly and ask your kitchen or benchtop manufacturer how they’d recommend keeping it in top condition.

20 Timeless Furniture That Will Enhance the Look of Your Interior

There are a few pieces of furniture that we never want to get rid of. It’s certainly true that to get rid of such beauty one has to think a lot, especially if you have kept it in the exact way it was given to you! If you want to get those types of furniture added to your existing collection. Here is a list of 20 timeless furniture that will surely enhance the look of your home.

  • Built-in furniture – These furniture takes the place of their movable counterparts to become an integral part of the home’s architecture and create timeless appeal. From built-in cabinets to bookshelves, this piece of furniture is easier to flow with space while serving as an important purpose.
  • Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Designed by the couple Charles and Ray Eames, this chair is a relaxed lounge chair that emulates the look of a worn baseball mitt. Their creation mixes a curvy molded plywood shell with comfortable leather upholstery and an aluminum base on a swivel. This piece of furniture surely reminds you of the mid-century and is a permanent collection of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.
  • Bentwood Chairs – These chairs got their name from the chair’s frame being bent into its curvy shape. Designed by Michael Thonet, he perfected the technique of using hot steam to get the wood pliable enough to bend. Bentwood chairs’ minimal design is elegant and effortlessly blends into a variety of design styles and environments. You are sure to see these types of chairs in the local restaurants.
  • Canopy Bed – These beds were more practical than stylish for they provided warmth and privacy above all. Styled with dreamy, romantic curtains, these canopy beds often stayed without the famous curtains and let the structure stand on its own.
  • Flora White Jewelry Mirrors – Fit for a princess, this traditional bedroom is charming and glamorous to the space that you want to dedicate for your princess. Certainly a vintage décor will max up the potential of the room.
  • Windsor Chair – Rumored to be used in the Windsor Castle gardens in the 18th century England. These chairs were later found in every quaint home around the country. It became widespread in the Atlantic and was adopted by the Americans later on. This piece of furniture holds so much history that it can only bring curiosity and surprised acclamation.
  • Moroccan Pouf – This pouf or some kind of footstool is easy to place your feet when you’re tired. It can also serve as a chair if you need an extra seat while receiving guests.
  • Upholstered Bed – If you want to revamp your bed, what better idea than giving it ‘some cloth to cover itself’! The clean lines and soft colors will just work with any kind of décor that you have thought of. Master this décor by adding some spring colors to it!
  • Wooden Bookcase – Showcase your personality by displaying some decorative objects, books, and arts. A wooden bookcase is a must in all homes as it goes perfectly with any design and interior décor of any space.
  • French Provincial Carved Side Chairs – These classic French armchairs are known to be perennially in fashion. As it is no secret that the French are used to luxury, it can be viewed from their décor and lifestyle. This piece of furniture is one of the most artistic pieces ever crafted. You are sure to find such chair in any of the French households.
  • The Louis Mirror – Paired quite well with modern and contemporary interior themes, this mirror was originally designed to fit the traditional French room décor. This mirror is available in different shapes and sizes and there are different kinds of finish to fit the design of your choice. This timeless piece is certainly going to pop up the décor level if placed in any space.
  • Longcase Clock – Commonly known as the Grandfather Clock, this piece of furniture has both intrigue and historical value added to it! The large visible dial, the metal pendulum, the delicately carved wooden frame of the clock, and the accuracy of its timekeeping are the main reasons why it is still popular.
  • Chesterfield Sofa – The Chesterfield Sofa is often credited to Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield and the immediate namesake. This piece is a timeless addition to any living space. Well, it is normal that any sofa with an equal back and arms is called a Chesterfield but what makes it different is the tufted part. From linens to velvet, Chesterfield Sofa is now upholstered.
  • The Tulip Table – Often used in spaces where it is compact and smaller in size. These tables are easy to move around and have no corners. Because of its likeness to the flower, this piece is a hallmark of the mid-century modern design. The Tulip table holds an up-straight position and it easily blends with any décor.
  • Oriental Rug – There is no home in the world where you can’t find an oriental rug! The look evokes a lot of questions when looked. Hand-knotted in the Middle East, this piece does not gt old at all.

10 Tips in Renovating Your Child’s Old Room into a Teenager’s Haven

It does not take time when kids grow up into teens and start wanting things of their own, so to ease your work, here are 10 tips to renovate your child’s old room into a teenager’s haven.

  1. Reorganize before renovating – Before setting to renovate, start with reorganizing spaces well! You can replace space-taking shelves with pullout drawers or built-in closets. This is easy for teens to create their own space.
  2. Ask your teens – Sit down with your teen and ask them what they want in their bedroom. Include them in the process so as to have their opinion in everything. If possible, renovate the room according to their choice.
  3. Concentrate on the light – Consider changing the lights as it has an impact on how your child grows. To brighten the room, you can opt for white color and light colored curtains.
  4. Be colorful – If possible, when renovating the room, concentrate on putting colors that your teen prefers. Give a makeover in terms of colors as well as the décor. Know well which color teams up with other existing colors.
  5. Maximize the storage space – If you have enough space, go for a floor-to-ceiling fitted unit to make the most of every inch of the bedroom. Be sure that it incorporates room to display treasures, shelves for books, drawers for more personal things.
  6. Functionality – It is important that you have a room where you can renovate without any problem. Decorate the room while thinking of the function of each space properly.
  7. Use the window and mirror – If you have a small room, then you can use the window as a part of the décor. Place the bed in the middle of the room, next to the window to allow light in and make the room look bigger than it is actually. You can also use mirrors to trick the eye into believing that the room is wider. This can be done by placing the mirror above the head of the bed.
  8. Make your headboard work – Using your headboard as storage is a clever way to make the most of your space. You can convert it into a bookcase.
  9. Get rid of clutter – Remove things that you know he/she will no longer use! Get rid of toys and clothes that are stacked somewhere in the closet. But be careful not to remove everything, remember to keep memorabilia of their childhood in their teen’s room. It helps psychologically.
  10. Add your touch of grown-up – Yes, agreed it is your teen’s room, but you can also interfere! Add a grown-up touch by putting more linens and a fresh coat of paint that will change the whole look of the bedroom.

How Feng Shui affects your bedroom?

Ancient Chinese art of arranging living spaces, Feng Shui is based on the same principles as alternative medicine therapies. The point of Feng Shui is to maximize energy or life force in the environment for utmost safety and productivity. Feng Shui also strengthens the bond between a couple and attract love as well as boost your sleep pattern. So here are some tips for improving the Feng Shui in your bedroom.

  • Start with your bed – Placing your bed in an ideal position that is in front of the door, a close view of the door gives a sense of safety and helps in relaxation and sleep. The ‘foot’ of the bed should not point towards the door as this position is known as the “coffin”. If it can’t be avoided, then place a foot-board, high bench, or a table at the foot of the bed. It acts as a buffer and does not block the view of the door. The head of the bed should be against a wall. But be careful not place a bed under a window as it causes restless sleep.
  • Remove all electronics – Television, exercise gear, or a workspace in a bedroom changes the meaning of bedroom as it symbolizes wakefulness and consumes energy. If you have no option, then it is better to hide such items. You can place the TV in a cabinet or neatly cover it with a cloth.
  • Clear clutter – According to Feng Shui, clutter is more distracting than mess as it can block the flow of qi, disturb sleep, and prevent things in your life from moving forward. Remember that neatness is also for places that you can’t see. Remember, don’t use the space under your bed and always keep the inside of your closet tidy. It is important to close your closet door at night. Also, don’t pile books on top of your nightstand or dresser.
  • Feng Shui color balance – To have a good Feng Shui balance, remember to use soothing colors. A balanced décor promotes the best flow of energy for restorative sleep as well as sexual healing. Choose colors from pale white to rich chocolate brown that will work best for your bedroom décor.
  • Relocate mirrors – According to Feng Shui, if you are not sleeping well the real culprit is the mirror. Mirrors are thought to bounce energy around the bedroom which may result in restlessness and increases worries. It is also cautioned not to hang a mirror on the wall opposite your bed.
  • Artwork according to Feng Shui – If you are planning to hang any images that are inspirational, uplifting or relaxing, then the best place is on the wall opposite your bed as it would be one of the first things that you see when you wake up.

So now let Feng Shui be part of your life!

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