Home Decoration: Modern Industrial Loft-Style Bathroom

Home Decoration: Modern Industrial Loft-Style Bathroom

The industrial style is defined by simplicity, character, and recuperation. It is a very trendy style that combines metal, wood, and raw materials and creates an authentic and contemporary atmosphere for your bathroom. Furniture that is mottled and diverted from its primary role, metal, concrete, subway tiles, all of this is a perfect combination for an industrial loft-style bathroom.

Colors of the industrial style

For an industrial loft-style bathroom, opt for a shade of gray that will remind you of concrete and metal. Generally speaking, industrial style comes in shades of gray, from lightest to darkest, including black. For color enthusiasts, you can use saturated colors:

– Khaki
– The verdigris
– The dark blue
– Brick Red
– The rusty orange

Bright colors are only found on small pieces of furniture: chairs, lights, towel rails, accessories…

Raw and natural materials

An industrial loft-style bathroom must have solid raw materials. The industrial style is inspired by industrial buildings, old warehouses, old factories, and factories that were not built with an aesthetic in mind. This is why most of the materials used are raw and unfinished. The raw materials to be found in your bathroom are:

– Steel: it isn’t very easy to give an industrial style to your bathroom without incorporating steel. You can, for example, use steel for accessories, the towel rail, or in the choice of faucets.
– Concrete: nothing is more industrial than concrete. You can use it on floors or walls but also the worktop of the furniture with the basin.
– Wood: choose raw wood, aged, or patinated.

Wall and floor covering

The walls

For the walls of your industrial style bathroom without water contact, opt for paint in shades of grey or saturated colors: grey, anthracite, black, khaki, navy blue, brick red… On the other hand, for walls in contact with water, opt preferably for a tile-type covering or wall panels. Metro tiles are perfect for industrial decoration; otherwise, choose slate imitation tiles or grey tones to remind the concrete style.

Tip: A new material is on the market; it is called sheet stone. It is a thin sheet of rock that is glued directly to the wall. Water repellent, it can also be used in the shower. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain, and there are many aspects: slate, moonstone, rock stone…

The floor

For your industrial bathroom floor, opt for a floor with character! Tile is still the best choice for bathroom flooring, so have fun with the different aspects:
– Concrete-look tiles: easier to maintain and crack-free
– Tiles with a rusty metal appearance: the appearance is similar to metal surfaces, rusty or brushed. The advantage is that a tile, unlike metal, will not stain or change its appearance over time.
– Wood-look tiles: wood will bring a warm tone to your bathroom. To stay in the industrial style, choose a raw or aged wood instead.

Note: For quality tiles, choose porcelain stoneware: count, on average, $30/m².


Designing your bathroom means above all choosing furniture adapted to its volumes. For an industrial loft-style bathroom, objects that you find or that you divert from their primary role are ideal. Choose a piece of furniture under a wooden basin or use an old chest of drawers that you transform into a basin unit. You can also opt for old-fashioned industrial lockers, you will bring a touch of vintage, and it will offer you convenient storage for your linen.

For furnishings, hang metal shelves on the walls and hooks as coat hooks. In an industrial-style bathroom, everything is on display, from the smallest accessories to the plumbing.

Tip: Nothing is more industrial than exposed plumbing! There is no need to rack your brains to hide copper pipes. They become a decorative element in their own right. The industrial style does not try to hide what is usually hidden.

The washbasin

Preferably choose a rectangular basin with clean lines: this will show a modern touch also. To complete your decoration, you can choose a black granite or quartz countertop. The black color paradoxically gives off a warmth that plunges you directly into the atmosphere of a modern industrial workshop.

Taps and fittings

There is nothing more design and in theme than an old tap with cast iron industrial valves: a raw and retro look for a typical industrial look. Or, very trendy at the moment, the copper faucet is the detail that changes everything!

Shower and bathtub

The shower

In an industrial-style bathroom, opt for a simple and open shower to recall the loft spirit. For this, an Italian shower is ideal because it opens onto the rest of the bathroom.

The bathtub

You can restore a vintage tub in beaten copper, and you can restore a beautiful enameled standing model or opt for a steel bathtub with pure lines: more contemporary but well adapted for an industrial atmosphere.

The extra: the glass roof!

If you wish to partition your bathroom space, opt for the glass roof… As a shower wall or partition, the interior glass roof is in pure industrial style. It gives a feeling of volume, depth, and airy style to your bathroom.

Where can you find industrial decoration and furniture, and at what price?

The price of a canopy varies according to its size. You will find all the elements in the large decoration stores or on commercial sites. But you can also walk through flea markets or salesrooms.

Factory furniture is often on sale at reasonable prices:

– If you like sheet stone, count around $60/m² (without the glue).
– Count on average $100 for a mid-range washbasin.
– For a steel bathtub, plan a budget of about $120 and for a free-standing bathtub count $500 to $700.

From the above, you should now have enough thoughts for your mind to indulge in an Industrial loft style bathroom. Remember to leave your comments below!

Tips in Decorating Your House With Warm Colors

Winter is all about staying in and enjoying the comfort and beauty of your home. As much attention is given to the furniture and accessories, the same should be given to the walls and ceilings and also to the colors that are added to the décor. Adding warm colors to your existing décor is a step that will change the overall look of your home. Warm colors are often the combinations of reds, yellows, oranges, and yellow-greens. These colors are known to increase adrenaline and breathing rates, as well as raises the blood pressure, and body temperature, thus making you feel warmer. One of the best ways to work with warm colors is to turn into a statement piece that will bring more attention to it.

If you are planning to have a warm color added to the palettes of colors in your home, then here are some tips that you will need when decorating your home.

Add colors in more layers

Having a colorful centerpiece in your room is great, but more often than not, you will find that one piece is not enough. To truly bring a sense of warmth in a room, you will need to layer your warmer colors into the spaces that you want to accentuate. You can create layers of colors that might sound complicated, but it is simple, as all it requires is that you use similar colors in different ways in different parts of the room. Remember, layering allows different elements into the room to relate to each other, thus creating a unified and cohesive look.

Consider darker colors

If you think that dark colors make your room look a bit on the juvenile side, that is a valid concern. It might be a bit risky, but looking a little deeper at the darker shade, you can expect that the décor will turn out to be one of its kind. To start with dark colors, opt for green colors as it is the perfect choice for bringing a warm touch to space, particularly in a dark and moody tone. A tip is to have green paired with a neutral black and a warm brown to create a more sophisticated and warm environment.

Level with wall arts

Bringing warm colors in your living room or any part of the home should not be limited to furniture only. Do consider hanging wall arts that have warm colors in them as it brings a variety of colors to your space. Create a gallery wall to give your home a higher level of visual interest.

Go for dark-colored wallpapers

One way of adding warmer colors is to add wallpapers that will accentuate the beauty of the room in a more visually pleasing way.

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