Don’t limit yourself to a paint job or changing the drapes during a home improvement project. It is possible to make affordable smart home improvements that will make your surrounding more functional, smarter and keep your family safe. From home security system to the furniture we use, technology and innovation have revolutionised our home improvement endeavours. So, why not make the most of it!

Consider incorporating smart home technology into your renovation

Whether you’re planning a remodel or you’re already knee-deep in renovations, it is always good to consider adding automation into your project. Many smart home components are also wireless, so complicated rewiring is a non-issue. Adding smart home features will not only bring more comfort and security, it will also increase the value of your house. As per statistics, home-buyers would choose to buy a home with smart home features already installed versus one without.

Add energy-saving devices

Be it smart lighting, cooling or heating, these small features in a household can help reduce your carbon footprint, save energy and reduce cost of utility bills. For example, smart thermostats provide convenience and energy savings while keeping your home comfortable. Simply swapping out your current light-bulbs for smart bulbs will save money on utilities, as they use less energy.

Smart lock for your peace of mind

For much-needed convenience and security, think of adding smart locks. With these, no need to worry about locking the door when you are in a rush as everything can be done and monitored via your smartphone. Smart locks allow you to take control of your locks from anywhere and be confident that your home is secure. You can also add security cameras and other smart devices to secure your property.

Smart bedroom remodelling

Make the most of little spaces by being creative and innovative. Raising your bed above ground creates space beneath and utilises the already existing above. Murphy beds are great if you have very limited space, or if you want an additional guest bed.

Opt for space saving furniture

Great for studio apartments, an effective use of space can accommodate all the furniture you need. There is a wide range of high-end, creative, space-saving solutions for studio apartments, micro homes, and other compact living spaces that can help make your small home feel and function like one twice the size without sacrificing comfort or style. Be it city-dwelling professionals, growing families or retirees, you can enjoy greater flexibility with multi-functional furniture.