When you think of Jacuzzi tubs, you probably imagine a relaxing bath and soaking in soothing warm water. Although the Jacuzzi brand name is technically for a line of luxury hot tubs, the name has become interchangeable with both hot tubs and jetted tubs. Many homeowners decide to install a whirlpool bathtub in order to enjoy a relaxing spa experience every time they take a bath.

The Difference between Jacuzzis and other tubs

You’ve probably heard the term Jacuzzi used to mean a variety of hot water tubs with jets. This can quickly lead to confusion about the differences between tub types. For example, perhaps you’ve seen hotels advertise their Jacuzzi tub rooms but heard someone else say they just put in a new Jacuzzi in the backyard. One Jacuzzi is a private bath and the other is an outdoor spa on the patio.

Understanding the difference between tub types can make it easier to know exactly what you’re shopping for:

Jacuzzi tub—Although sometimes referring to the luxury hot tubs, the Jacuzzi brand also makes a Whirlpool bathtub line of jetted bathtubs. This is where the term Jacuzzi tub became associated with jetted tubs and whirlpool bathtubs. Most of the time a Jacuzzi tub refers to indoor jetted bathtubs and not outdoor spas, which are usually just called Jacuzzis.

Bathtub—A bathtub is the generic tub that’s in your bathroom and can be filled with warm water for bathing or soaking. Most homes with bathtubs have a shower/bathtub combination for convenience. A regular bathtub won’t have jets or whirlpool features.

Hot tub—Hot tubs, also known as spas or hot tub spas, are large tubs or pools of water that can fit several full-size adults. There are usually jets placed around the seats of the hot tub to create a whirlpool effect in the water. Hot tub spas are used for everything from entertainment for a backyard cookout with friends to hydrotherapy treatment after a tough workout.

Once you’ve decided to install a hot tub or indoor jacuzzi, there are a few details you or your bathroom renovator will need to take care of, including:


In addition to ensuring that your bathroom floor is strong enough to support the weight of your hot tub, what type of flooring you use is incredibly important as well. It may seem surprising, but up to a gallon of water comes out with you when you exit your hot tub. Where does most of this water end up? On your floor. It is essential to have a quality flooring material that not only isn’t slippery but also has good drainage when wet. Carpet and wood are not recommended as they will rot from the water spillage. The best flooring option for an indoor hot tub is non-slip tile with a matte finish. Even better is also installing a flooring drain so that any splashed water will not pool on the floor.

Moisture and Ventilation

When the cover is off your hot tub and it is running, your bathroom will become very steamy. It is very important that the walls can handle the moisture without rotting. Concrete and glass are great choices and there are some types of rot-resistant wood and water-resistant drywall that is available.

Another must-have is a powerful fan (that isn’t noisy) that is able to suck the humidity out of the bathroom quickly. This will spare your walls from moisture damage or mold and mildew forming. If possible, it also helps if you can crack a window open while soaking in your hot tub to help allow the moisture and humidity to escape.

As bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, a hot tub can cause the room to heat up quickly. Installing a ceiling fan is ideal for improving the air circulation and helping to keep bathers from feeling overheated.


Make sure you consider how you will be able to get your hot tub into your bathroom. You will need to factor in the entire delivery path through your home and ensure that staircases and hallways are wide enough to allow the hot tub to pass through. If you have an existing bathroom it is probably likely that you may need to remove the door or even expand it in order to bring the hot tub into the room. If you are building a new bathroom, make sure that you don’t install the door until after your hot tub has been delivered.

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