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9 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We sometimes dread it a bit, but cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be so hard. These tips will help you transform your favourite cooking spot into a wonderfully fresh space in no time. To keep it from being too complex, we’ll focus on the outside of the kitchen.

 1) The Countertop

It’s the place where you chop all the vegetables or put dirty dishes aside, hence cleaning it regularly is a must! It’s a good idea to remove everything from your kitchen countertop before cleaning. The microwave oven, the kettle you can’t put in the cupboard or the small kitchen utensils. Clear the surface thoroughly to clean it properly.

-Take a clean dishcloth or sponge.

-Choose a mixture of water and soda or detergent. This will remove grease stains from the surface.

Be careful with a granite or natural stone surface. Choose a neutral pH detergent for those and do not use household vinegar or diluted all-purpose cleaners.

2) The Sink

Want to get that extra touch of shine on your sink quickly? Add a splash of all-purpose cleaner or white vinegar and let the water sit in the sink for an hour. Then, you can polish the sink with a liquid abrasive.

3) The Tap

Besides dishcloths, faucets are the most unsanitary items in the house. How do you clean them?

– Pull up that old toothbrush so you can easily scrub all the little dirty edges around the faucet.

-Use hot water and a cloth with some all-purpose cleaner to rinse the faucet first. It’s just as annoying, but you’ll be so pleased with your shiny faucet afterwards.

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4) The Stove

Of course, it’s best to clean your stovetops every time you cook, but if you still have old or stubborn stains, you can always use soda, detergent or an all-purpose degreasing cleaner. Be sure not to use a scouring pad or abrasive with a ceramic or induction cooktop.

5) Kitchen Hood

-Replace the filter if necessary.

-Clean the cooker hood with soapy water and detergent.

Do you have a stainless-steel hood? Then you can also clean it with oil.

-Rub a drop of olive or sunflower oil on the hood with a paper towel.

-Then rub it very well with a clean piece of kitchen towel; otherwise, you will only attract more dust.

6) Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

There’s nothing that water with dish soap or all-purpose cleaner can’t dissolve. By itself, cleaning kitchen cabinets takes no time at all. What can be annoying? The handles. Focus on that for a while, it’s well worth that extra scrubbing because it’s teeming with bacteria.

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7) The Kitchen Floor

Preferably opt for a microfiber mop and hot water. Is your floor very greasy or sticky? Then you can also opt for a degreasing cleaning product. Also, pay special attention to the corners and edges of the underside of your cabinets. It is best to clean the kitchen as thoroughly as possible.

In addition to the fixed parts of the kitchen mentioned above, there are also appliances that you should clean.

8) The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is, of course, a piece that you should not forget. It is essential to keep it clean, as it is not pleasant to store food and drinks in a dirty fridge. Don’t forget to clean the rubber seals. Taking good care of your refrigerator regularly ensures a longer life.

9) The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is often forgotten. The dishwasher can be adequately maintained as follows:

-Regularly clean the filters.

-Don’t forget to clean the rubbers.

-Eliminate unpleasant odours by running the dishwasher once on the hottest program without any dishes in the dishwasher.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you, and if you’re planning for a kitchen makeover, you can contact the experts at Best Assembly in Melbourne. Whatever you wish for your kitchen, their kitchen installers can assemble it professionally and on time while ensuring that your home is left spotless.

Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

After laying your ceramic tiles, you will naturally want to keep them as beautiful as possible. Ceramic tiles require very little maintenance. After the first cleaning, regular vacuuming, and weekly mopping are sufficient. However, it is best not to use just any cleaning product for this. Let us explain how it works!

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Cleaning Ceramic Tiles After Installation

Once the tiles have been installed and grouted, you should clean the floor after a few days to remove the cement residue formed during grouting. This residue must be adequately removed; otherwise, it will be impossible to maintain the ceramic tile floor properly.

Tip: Rent a wet vacuum cleaner. This will save you a lot of work.

The best results are obtained with a quick cement haze remover with diluted hydrochloric acid. Be careful with stainless steel, chrome, bare metal, wood, plastics, painted and lacquered surfaces. These acids present in these products are not suitable for chalky types of natural stone. If you have such types, make sure to use a good brand of acid-free cement residue remover for this purpose. Such products are usually less aggressive than quick cement scum removers.

Depending on the type and severity of the cement veil present, you can dilute the cement veil remover to 1: 4 – 1:20 and apply it to the pre-moistened floor. Ensure that the floor heating is turned off and that the ceramic tiles have reached their natural temperature. Allow the product to act for a few minutes while scrubbing the floor. Do not let the floor dry and absorb the contaminated water with a mop or, better yet, with a wet vacuum cleaner. Then rinse the ceramic tiles thoroughly with clean water.

Tip: Put a defoamer in the wet vacuum cleaner to reduce the formation of foam.

Maintenance of Ceramic Tiles

To maintain the tiles after the first deep clean, the best thing to do is clean the floor with a product that is as neutral as possible. You can look for ceramic tile scrubbing wax. This product usually has a double effect: On the one hand, it cleans the floor thoroughly without leaving a greasy film and, on the other hand, it improves the colour and shine of the ceramic tiles. Besides, it makes the floor a little more resistant to dirt. A good splash in the mop water is enough. You can polish the floor after drying it with a clean, dry cloth to give it a shine.

You mustn’t use a cleaning product with soap (green), or oil components, because these form layers on the ceramic tiles. Every fingerprint becomes visible, and dust, hair, and crumbs also stick to the tile. Dirt will easily stick between these layers, and in the end, your floor will look like it was never spotless, even if you have just mopped it.

Removing Dullness or Dark Stains From Ceramic Tiles

If you have that dullness on your ceramic tiles, it’s essential to remove it. You can look for products specially developed for fast and thorough removal of old and stubborn dirt, as well as old wax and polymer films. It is essential that the floor heating is turned off and the ceramic tiles are cool before starting. Depending on the type of dirt, you can apply the cleaning agent pure or diluted 1:5 on the ceramic tiles. Let it act for about 10 minutes, but do not allow the floor to dry. Then scrub the floor thoroughly and absorb the diluted solution with a damp mop or vacuum cleaner. Then rinse the floor again and re-absorb this water in the same manner.

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If you’re looking for tiles for your new construction or renovation project, you can visit The Tile Gallery in Montmorency for an endless collection of tiles ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, and any other surfaces around the house. Do not hesitate to contact them!

Craziest Things Found During a Home Renovation

Renovations are exciting projects that make you experience what archaeologists or relic hunters do on a daily basis when they hunt down buried treasures. Today, you will learn some of the unexpected things that people discovered that will blow your mind.

A Human Foot

Bones of the Foot and Ankle | This is a real human foot, the… | Flickr

If “Pet Sematary” or “The Exorcist” are enough to scare the living daylights out of you, then I wonder what would happen if you would discover a human foot? Yes, a real human foot!

It all started when a woman was renovating her house and her friend came to help her. In the process, the later discovered a human foot under the floorboards. The bones were not separated when the foot was moved as it was all wired together. The local police were able to trace the foot back to a local university and hence it was concluded that maybe the foot was used as a teaching tool for students. However, who knows if it’s the leftover foot of someone that Dr. Hannibal Lecter ate?

War Items

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Honestly, there have been so many wars around the world that I used to think that the rivalry between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump really would unleash World War Three.

During the renovation process, a homeowner came across an old army footlocker which included contained a machete from the Philippines, detailed war documents that had the signatures of General Patton and dozens of military insignia.

Mummified Baby

Baby, Birth, Baby, Sleeping Baby, Newborn

No, you didn’t read it wrong. During the renovation project of an apartment in Paris, France, the homeowners indeed found a mummified baby from a wall’s interior.

Initially, the owners of the apartment were the main suspects and as a result, were charged with murder. However, forensics later revealed that the baby existed even way before the couple. But who was the baby? How did it die or rather who killed it? Nobody knows. This mystery remains unsolved.

Witch Bottle

File:Witch Bottles Curse Protection.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Who knows what a witch bottle is? As the name suggests, a witch bottle is prepared by a witch when she wants to curse you and this practice is believed to have startedback in the 17th century. So, what she does is she takes the victim’s hair, nail clippings, urine and some red thread from sprite traps and place them all in a bottle. Later, rosemary, needles and pins, and red wine will be added. Other types of witch bottles may also contain sand, stones, knotted threads, feathers, shells, herbs, flowers, salt, vinegar, oil, coins, or ashes. The bottle is then hidden in the victim’s house itself. Hard to believe that such things can exist, right?  Well, during a renovation project, a homeowner in Greenwich discovered one such bottle in his house.

A Treasure Map

Adventure, Treasure Map, Old World Map

Now, whether you are a kid or a grown-up, who wouldn’t like to find a treasure map hidden in a wall or under the floorboards?

But this really happened with a couple in Arizona and you will be amazed by the story. During the renovation of their kitchen, the couple found some clues to the whereabouts of a treasure which they thought was the “Fenn Treasure.” Now, for all those who never heard about this treasure, let me tell you that it is the cache of gold and jewels belonging to Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author from New Mexico. It was believed that he hid the treasure in the Rocky Mountains of United States.

The first mysterious code that the couple found was hidden inside a kitchen cabinet and after following some other clues, they came across a safe buried under a couple of the floorboards and using the combination in the cupboard, they managed to open the safe.

Unfortunately, it was not the real “Fenn Treasure” but it was still a lucrative find. According to you, what was inside the safe? A $50,000, a bottle of bourbon from 1960, a book with circled letters, a bingo card with just three numbers and a map of the town, Mesa, Arizona, with a big X over it. There was no gold but could the X on the map lead to an even bigger treasure? Who knows?

So, whether it’s bling or some weird things, aren’t you excited to discover what lies behind your walls or under your floors? Please share your comments below!

10 Showers You’ll Want to Ditch Your Tub

Nowadays, we find ourselves more and more frequently with bathrooms that opt ​​for a shower instead of a bathtub. In addition to the obvious saving of space that the shower supposes compared to the bathtub, they also have the advantage of being able to incorporate a multitude of design elements to achieve a modern and very current shower space. And not only finishes and decorative accessories for showers have undergone a great advance in recent years. The technology applied, for example, to the taps can make this shower space a real pleasure for the senses. Do you want to see some examples?

#1. Oriental inspiration

The first shower that we show you are located in a bathroom that chooses an Asian-inspired aesthetic for its decoration. In a bathroom of this type, the shower space is, if possible, even more, important due to the symbolism that water and natural elements have for these cultures. In this case, the shower area is lined with natural stone and incorporates wood through a floor platform. 

#2. A bathroom with all the comfort

The bathroom, once almost reviled, deserves more and more attention from interior designers. It is an important place in a home, and it is the space where we pay more attention to the body and mind, as it is the place dedicated to hygiene, care and relaxation.

#3. A special shower

The space of a modern shower can become a relaxing and comfortable spa. To achieve this, we have to pay attention to the materials and the type of shower tray and the combination of colours, finishes and textures and include massage jets and adjustable pressure showers.

#4. Mosaics

Light is, without a doubt, the main element in this bathroom. In addition to a good lighting design, the colour palette, based on nuanced whites and beige tones, contributes to creating that sensation of luminosity and shine that the proposal has. In this case, the shower is located in the corner and is closed with an angled glass partition that provides transparency, lightness and dynamism to the whole.

#5. Colors and decoration

The use of colour and decorative effects are the strengths of this bathroom that we show you here. The chosen design and decoration highlights the eclectic taste and originality of its owners. Red is the one selected for the shower area, a colour rarely used for this type of space, which undoubtedly gives the proposal a great personality.

#6. A rustic shower

Yes, you can also design a rustic-style bathroom without it having the traditional bathtub. Every time we find more examples of rustic bathrooms that do not give up the comfort of a shower. In this space, decorative elements typical of rural designs can coexist with rabidly modern pieces or accessories that incorporate the latest technology. 

#7. The shower as the protagonist

It is not frequent to find that the shower takes over the bathroom’s role and chooses a central position to become the most prominent element of the bathroom. But creativity applied to designs quarterfinal current bathroom We also show spaces opting for this provision, as we show in the picture: a shower which highlights the grey wall, wooden base and an enclosure ‘ minimal’ of glass.

#8. A tectonic bath

The current pace of life is getting faster and faster, so the house spaces that we use daily must also be considered from a practical point of view and an aesthetic one. The bathroom that we show you in the image fulfils both functions: a walk-in shower, very easy to clean, and colours that guarantee easy maintenance while providing a tectonic and very sophisticated look to the bathroom.

#9. Urban style

The ‘subway type’ wall tiles are a classic that has become a trend in recent years. They are being used more and more, not only in the bathroom but also in cosy environments with an industrial touch. It is also a cheap material, easy to maintain and clean and never goes out of style.

#10. Comfort and design

We say goodbye with an original proposal: two sinks on a wooden countertop, a small and luxurious shower and a decoration with white as the protagonist but with black touches to create contrast. 

As you can see, the shower can be present in the most varied bathroom designs, and it is a very topical element. And you, are you more of a shower or a bathtub?

5 Benefits of Owning a Home

If you’re wondering whether buying a home now sounds like a good idea, you’re not alone. While the saying that this is a great time to buy a home rings so familiar, many people question if there are still benefits to being a homeowner. You’ve probably heard that property values have declined or that it’s much better to rent than buy, yet the truth is that purchasing a home still forms part of the dream of millions.

Here you can see a list of the benefits of buying a home. Indeed, this is also a purchase that comes with obligations. This is why before you decide to buy, you should evaluate whether being an owner would be beneficial for you and your family and whether it fits your current reality.

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1) It Gives You Stability

When you buy, the moves are over year after year, the activities that impact your wallet and the stability of your family. Besides money, it also saves you the time you have to spend picking up your things in the old house and putting them in the new one.

One of the most significant advantages is that if you have children, they won’t have to change schools, except to do so with their group, and they can continue to participate in everyday activities with their friends.

2) You Will Feel Safe Having a Roof for You and Your Family

Being able to call the area you live in “my home” will make you feel confident, entitled, and most importantly, proud. Owning a home will give you a real sense of accomplishment, knowing you achieved one of your most desired personal goals. This will, in turn, contribute to a better quality of life for you and the whole family.

3) Plan for the Long Term

Maybe your house doesn’t look like those in magazines when you buy it, and you dream of changing the interior or even the layout. Even if you can’t do it right away, you can plan numerous improvements for the future. As long as you consider the building codes or restrictions that apply in your community, you will have no problem doing so.

Sometimes the improvements are minor and purely aesthetic, such as having some curtains custom-made for your living room. If you live in a rental house and move, you will probably lose that investment because the dimensions may differ from where you live now.

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4) The Purchase Is an Investment

It is true that, unlike a few years ago, in most cases, you will not see an immediate increase in the value of your property. But in the long run, real estate remains a safe investment, and many experts believe that the worst part of the economic crisis is over and view the future with optimism.
In any case, you must have realistic goals regarding your income. Again, these will not materialize immediately, with few exceptions.

5) Ownership Gives You Independence

You can make your own decisions and eliminate problems with landlords. Many of them are used to inspecting the properties they rent out, which sometimes creates uncomfortable situations for residents.
Being an owner also means that you can paint the interior walls the colour you want, you can keep pets and even replace the carpets and put in that wooden floor you like so much, or you can even build a terrace or an extra room.

If you’re planning to build a new home and need help from experts, the Elite New Homes team has over 16 years in the residential construction industry. They also employ an independent building inspector to review work at lock up and other stages of the building process, and more! Do not hesitate to contact them!

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