We sometimes dread it a bit, but cleaning the kitchen doesn’t have to be so hard. These tips will help you transform your favourite cooking spot into a wonderfully fresh space in no time. To keep it from being too complex, we’ll focus on the outside of the kitchen.

 1) The Countertop

It’s the place where you chop all the vegetables or put dirty dishes aside, hence cleaning it regularly is a must! It’s a good idea to remove everything from your kitchen countertop before cleaning. The microwave oven, the kettle you can’t put in the cupboard or the small kitchen utensils. Clear the surface thoroughly to clean it properly.

-Take a clean dishcloth or sponge.

-Choose a mixture of water and soda or detergent. This will remove grease stains from the surface.

Be careful with a granite or natural stone surface. Choose a neutral pH detergent for those and do not use household vinegar or diluted all-purpose cleaners.

2) The Sink

Want to get that extra touch of shine on your sink quickly? Add a splash of all-purpose cleaner or white vinegar and let the water sit in the sink for an hour. Then, you can polish the sink with a liquid abrasive.

3) The Tap

Besides dishcloths, faucets are the most unsanitary items in the house. How do you clean them?

– Pull up that old toothbrush so you can easily scrub all the little dirty edges around the faucet.

-Use hot water and a cloth with some all-purpose cleaner to rinse the faucet first. It’s just as annoying, but you’ll be so pleased with your shiny faucet afterwards.

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4) The Stove

Of course, it’s best to clean your stovetops every time you cook, but if you still have old or stubborn stains, you can always use soda, detergent or an all-purpose degreasing cleaner. Be sure not to use a scouring pad or abrasive with a ceramic or induction cooktop.

5) Kitchen Hood

-Replace the filter if necessary.

-Clean the cooker hood with soapy water and detergent.

Do you have a stainless-steel hood? Then you can also clean it with oil.

-Rub a drop of olive or sunflower oil on the hood with a paper towel.

-Then rub it very well with a clean piece of kitchen towel; otherwise, you will only attract more dust.

6) Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

There’s nothing that water with dish soap or all-purpose cleaner can’t dissolve. By itself, cleaning kitchen cabinets takes no time at all. What can be annoying? The handles. Focus on that for a while, it’s well worth that extra scrubbing because it’s teeming with bacteria.

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7) The Kitchen Floor

Preferably opt for a microfiber mop and hot water. Is your floor very greasy or sticky? Then you can also opt for a degreasing cleaning product. Also, pay special attention to the corners and edges of the underside of your cabinets. It is best to clean the kitchen as thoroughly as possible.

In addition to the fixed parts of the kitchen mentioned above, there are also appliances that you should clean.

8) The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is, of course, a piece that you should not forget. It is essential to keep it clean, as it is not pleasant to store food and drinks in a dirty fridge. Don’t forget to clean the rubber seals. Taking good care of your refrigerator regularly ensures a longer life.

9) The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is often forgotten. The dishwasher can be adequately maintained as follows:

-Regularly clean the filters.

-Don’t forget to clean the rubbers.

-Eliminate unpleasant odours by running the dishwasher once on the hottest program without any dishes in the dishwasher.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you, and if you’re planning for a kitchen makeover, you can contact the experts at Best Assembly in Melbourne. Whatever you wish for your kitchen, their kitchen installers can assemble it professionally and on time while ensuring that your home is left spotless.