Sometimes we feel ready for something completely new or different in our home. We’re willing to add new furniture, use different colours, put everything in a different place and so on. Other times, we want to renovate the whole interior. However, we don’t always have the time to make significant changes, and very often, the budget doesn’t allow us to do complete renovations. Fortunately, there are other ways to achieve the desired effect of change without transforming the entire interior to make room for a new one!

1) Buy a Mirror

It sounds so simple, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be that difficult. A mirror can make a room look completely different in an unexpected way. For example, a mirror gives the illusion of a bigger space and the reflection allows you to see your interior from a different angle. It seems too good to be true, but it may be the change you need.

2) Buy an Object That Catches the Eye

An eye-catcher is an item that draws attention to itself. Therefore, a good eye-catcher can influence and completely change the mood of a room. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant and overpriced work of art. It can also be very simple, such as a beautiful wall-mounted television, a unique floor lamp, an unusual clock, or an old gramophone.

3) Change the Arrangement

Sometimes changing the arrangement of furniture can give excellent results. For example, change the reading corner and the TV corner in the living room, or put the bed in a different bedroom. These are all small changes that can give a significant boost to your interior. This way, you can get the change you want without making a single purchase.

4) Accent Lighting

If you have an item in your home that you want to illuminate separately, you can do so with accent lighting. Think of a painting, an image or a photo wall, for example. You can easily make this stand out by opting for spotlighting. Spots give light in the form of a light beam, which is often easy to direct. Pay attention to the width of the light beam; too wide can create unpleasant overlap with neighbouring spots, while too narrow can create noticeable underexposure on your item.

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5) Keep It in One Aspect

Do you need a renovation? This can also be achieved without making a big investment. Stick to one aspect first. This can make a big change. Think, for example, of new wallpaper, or a different colour on the wall or buy new curtains or the other type of window decoration. You can also go for new furniture, such as a new sofa or a new bed. These relatively small changes can already give your interior a completely different look.

6) Change the Floor

A new floor gives an entirely different atmosphere to the house. For instance, you can opt for a thick pile carpet floor if you have always had a laminate floor or vice versa. The result will surprise you. If you also choose a different colour than the one you already had, you can achieve a total change. For example, choose a floor with a warm colour.

7) Filling the Space

Many small changes can be equal to or even more prominent than a significant change. Fill in the room you are changing with, for example, plants and flowers. This can give your interior a charming, almost natural feel. Another option is to fill the space with artwork. For example, hang a collection of miniature paintings or photos in that empty place on the wall. Again, the result will surprise you!

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