Bigger does not always mean better. And, sometimes less is more.

In the beginning, downsizing your home may not feel like the right move, but with time you will understand that downsizing is just the right and fresh start for you and your family. If you want to make sure you are making the right decision, here are some reasons why you would be happier if you downsized and lived in a small house.

#1. You Will Have a Reduced Clutter

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When you move into a smaller home, it forces you to eliminate clutter”

– Marty Stevens-Heebner, a professional organizer in Southern California

Instead of thinking that downsizing means parting with memories, why don’t you consider it as moving into a new phase of life? A phase that is less stressful and more relaxing. A phase that calls for simplicity and getting rid of anything you don’t need.

For instance, to make the process of decluttering easier, you can categorize your items based on the following:

  • Items to keep (you can keep things that you cherish and have sentimental value)
  • Items to give to relatives
  • Items to sell
  • Items to donate
  • Items to recycle
  • Items to throw away

#2. Smaller Homes Lessen the Temptation to Accumulate

Imagine you have a house with only a few rooms, where you don’t even have enough place to keep your own items, let alone a treadmill. So, do you think you will be tempted to buy one in the first place? (the answer is obvious)

#3. Smaller Homes Are Easier to Maintain

According to Elite Home Constructions & Developments, “With fewer rooms, you will spend less time maintaining and cleaning.” And indeed, it is evident that with a small home, you will require less time. Energy and effort to maintain it.

#4. Smaller Homes Are Easier to Improve or Renovate

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When it comes to improve or renovate a small home, trust me, you will have more freedom. For instance, investing in new kitchen appliances or update flooring will not be that much of a financial burden.

#5. Downsizing Can Free up Your Lifestyle for Traveling

If you live or had ever lived in a large home, you would know that one of the downsides is when you are traveling. Your house would require much work, such as ensuring that the security systems and doors and windows are correctly monitored and monitoring exterior lighting. And thus, traveling becomes a real hassle (especially when you will have to leave your house for extended periods of time).

However, you will not have the same problem with a smaller home.

#6. Get a Greener Footprint

Don’t tell me you didn’t know that by downsizing to a smaller house, you are more likely to use fewer resources. And when I mean fewer resources, I am talking about less heat for the home, less water for your garden and even less electricity usage.

#7. Smaller Homes Encourage Family Bonding

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When you are living in a huge house, it is easier to escape into a room rather than communicate with your family members. However, a smaller home leaves you with no other choice than to have more social interaction with your close ones.

#8. A Smaller Home Might Be More Accessible

Nowadays, even some youngsters feel breathless at the top of a flight of stairs. Now, imagine what would be the state of older people. Worse is if they live in a two or three-level house where climbing stairs can become a source of worry and pain for them. For example, as per Liliane Choney, “stairs increase the risks of falls and injuries.”

This is why it is recommended to live and age in peace in a small house with greater accessibility.

#9. Attack Your Debt Snowball and Boost Your Retirement Fund

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When you are downsizing to a small house, it will be a great method to crank up your intensity and pay back your loan in less time. And, obviously, once you are debt-free, you will have ample time to plan and build wealth for your future.

If you really think that living in a smaller house might be up your alley, call Elite Home Constructions & Developments to get started on your home downsizing project.