Creating or renovating a bathroom is a complex operation involving a great deal of work, the difficulty and duration of which must be considered. And unless you want to do the bathroom renovation yourself, it is essential to know who to contact and what guarantees to take. 


   1. How the work is carried out

   2. DIY bathroom

   3. Calling in a professional to build your bathroom

1. How the work is carried out

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is best to know all the stages of your project and the points on which vigilance is essential.

The main stages of the work

The key stages in the installation of a bathroom are:

   – Preparing water inlets and outlets.

   – Installation of electrical outlets for lights, sockets and a possible radiator.

   – Installation of floor and wall coverings.

   – Integration of the sanitary facilities: bath and shower, washbasin, WC.

   – Installation of the lighting.

   – Installation of furniture.

Duration of the work

Bathroom Renovation

The work duration depends on the extent of the work and its level of difficulty.

   – Small-scale renovation: this is just a matter of giving the bathroom a facelift, with the installation of new floor and wall coverings and, more generally, a new decoration.

   – Major renovation: for example, you want to change the bathtub or replace a shower cubicle with a walk-in shower, lay new tiles and rethink the space.

   – Complete installation: this involves planning all the items, sanitary equipment and storage, floor and wall coverings, plumbing and electricity.

Estimated time of the project

Small renovation: 3 to 5 days

Major renovation: 5 to 10 days

Full installation: 2 to 4 weeks

Warning: if you have to install all the water inlets and outlets, allow 2 to 3 days for this very complex stage, which requires compliance with strict rules on water supply, flow, pressure and drainage.

Getting organised and monitoring the work

Installing a bathroom requires a certain amount of organisation. From ordering the materials to taking delivery of the work, including anticipating water cuts and final cleaning, this article gives you all the advice you need to stay calm when building or renovating your bathroom.

2. Doing your own bathroom

The DIY bathroom is, of course, the most economical solution. However, it is still tricky because you will need to have solid knowledge in many areas of DIY: plumbing, electricity, masonry and carpentry.

3. Calling in a professional to build your bathroom

Unless you are a seasoned handyman in all these areas and know perfectly well the standards and safety requirements to be met, it is often essential to call a bathroom renovation company or bathroom builder.

Entrusting your work to a professional provides greater peace of mind that the work will be carried out by the standards and rules of trade. It will help if you contact Capital Construction Group in Melbourne. As the bathroom is essential for the whole family, it is also imperative that the work is carried out in the shortest possible time. 

If you are not sure enough which way to go, talk to Capital Construction Group. They are a small Tooruk-based construction business offering high-quality, competitively priced home construction and renovation services to clients across Victoria. You can contact them for an in-depth consultation and project assessment of your bathroom renovation project. Their free comprehensive quote will ensure that you have no surprises when working with them!

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