5 Points To Know Before Installing A Glass Shower


1. The dimensions of the shower door

2. The 4 openings of the door

3. Materials of shower enclosures

4. How to maintain a shower door?

5. Where to find a glass shower specialist

There are different ways to protect the bathroom from shower splashes: a shower curtain, a shower screen, or simply a shower door.

The shower door is placed between two tiled walls or between two shower panels. The shower door must adapt to space and be airtight at each use of the shower.

1. The dimensions of the shower door

The dimensions are standard, but most shower doors have a range to fit the walls perfectly. Therefore, the dimensions of the shower door are given with the amplitude of adjustment (between 3 and 15 cm depending on the model).

The fixings are generally supplied with the shower door; you can sometimes choose the aspect: plastic, aluminum, chrome.

2. The 4 openings of the door

The sliding door

It allows you to equip the shower trays without taking into account the available clearance volume. There are front or corner sliding models, whether for a square or curved shower tray. It can consist of a single door sliding on a fixed wall or two doors sliding side by side, opening on each side, and meeting in the middle. It can be used for large tubs, up to 180 cm wide, with a minimum size of 90 cm.

The swinging door

Glass Shower

It is made of two panels meeting in the middle and provided with a seal. It can open outwards or inwards. It is particularly suitable for small water rooms with a small clearance, where there is not enough space to install a swinging door. Its dimensions are between 70 and 90 cm.

Pivoting door

It allows you to open the passage widely by pivoting outwards. You can install it on a shower tray located in a room where movement is possible, without hitting a piece of furniture or a wall or being blocked in a semi-open position. It is the most comfortable model, whatever your morphology. Its dimensions are between 70 and 90 cm, depending on the model.

The folding door

This basic model is also called the “accordion door”, generally reserved for entry-level shower trays. It is very economical but not very aesthetic. Several panels mounted side by side fold on top of each other. It is more suitable for small shower trays, between 70 and 80 cm.

3. Materials of shower enclosures


This is the most expensive material but also the most aesthetic. It is, of course, made of safety glass to avoid any danger of serious domestic accidents and is available in thicknesses from 3 to 8 mm. The weight of a glass door can be significant, so it is important to fix it firmly to the wall. There are shower doors in completely transparent glass and screen-printed glass, more or less opaque if you don’t want anyone to see the inside of the shower when you are in it. Screen-printed models are also easier to maintain, as any traces of limescale are less noticeable.


It is both more economical and lighter than glass. However, it has some drawbacks: it is more difficult to maintain and ages more quickly. Like glass, it is available in a completely transparent version, or more or less opaque, thanks to silk-screen printing.

Good to know: the shower door, whether glass or acrylic, has a metal or PVC frame, which you can choose in different colors to match the general decoration of your bathroom. An aluminum frame is preferred for a glass door, and you can fit an acrylic door with a PVC frame.

4. How to maintain a shower door?

The shower door is, of course, susceptible to limescale deposits like the rest of the bathroom, so it is essential to maintain it regularly to keep it looking good. It is helpful to leave a scraper nearby to clean it after each use, with a specific household product, or simply with white vinegar.

Maintenance will be easier if you have chosen glass or acrylic treated against stains and limescale.

5. Where to find a glass shower specialist

If you want a custom glass door, you can contact K&R Glass & Mirror in Miami.

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