– Fiber glass cloth: for a damaged ceiling

– Installing fiber glass cloth: preparing the ceiling

– Fiber glass cloth ceiling: to avoid painting…

– Price of fiber glass cloth for ceiling

Fiber glass cloth has a place of choice in home ceiling renovation. Depending on the condition of the ceiling, its renovation can be long and tedious.

It is essential that the ceiling has an appropriate surface condition for the chosen finish: wallpaper, paint, plaster…

Fiber glass cloth: for a damaged ceiling

In the case of a damaged ceiling, installing a fiber glass cloth, solid by its weave and its constitution, is a really satisfactory solution.

The fiber glass cloth allows to hide the defects and imperfections of the ceiling and even prevent the formation of microcracks while letting the roof breathe.

Fiber glass ceiling tiles, which are also suitable for walls, are rot-proof, wear-resistant, and fire-resistant and can be used in all damp rooms.

Fiber glass ceiling tiles

Fiber glass ceiling tiles

The choice of patterns for the fiber glass cloth is vast: rhombuses, herringbone, or more delicate weaving … This allows to play on the final appearance.

There is also the fiber glass veil intended to consolidate a support and receive a coating before a decorative finish: ideal to improve the condition of a ceiling but much more challenging to implement.

Good to know: The installation of the fiber glass cloth also requires much reflection before undertaking such a type of renovation. Once installed, you will have great difficulty removing it. In some cases, the ceiling may even come with it, resulting in much more extensive repair work.

Installing the fiber glass cloth: prepare the ceiling well.

Installing fiber glass cloth on the ceiling still requires a little preparation of the support.

If it is not necessary to sand or smooth your roof, it is, however, recommended to:

– fill in any cracks,

– remove all paint chips and old wallpaper,

– wash the top.

Typically, the fiber glass cloth is cut and installed like traditional wallpaper. The rolls are straightforward to install; they are 100 cm wide and have variable lengths: the glue is applied directly to the wall.

Remember to prepare your site before starting: provide a table on trestles, the glue, a brush, a cutter, a pencil, a ruler …

Fiber glass ceiling cloth: to avoid painting…

Fiber Glass Cloth

The fiber glass cloth exists in a pre-painted version. A single coat of acrylic paint allows obtaining a perfect covering of the support. A time-saver!

Usually, the pre-painted versions are only available in white.

Otherwise, especially if you want a color other than white, you will have to apply two coats of paint, the first one being acrylic.

Price of fiber glass cloth for ceiling

The fiber glass cloth is a more expensive coating than a simple wallpaper.

This is due to its dimensions (more extensive) and its technical qualities: strength and resistance.

For a roll of fiber glass cloth (width 1 m, length 25 m): count between $30 and $45.

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