After a few years, your spa may need to be renovated or repaired. There are many reasons for these repairs. Some of these repairs can be done by you, while others will require the intervention of a professional. How to renovate or repair a spa: here are our practical tips.

Leakage and water infiltration of a spa: how to renovate?

What to do when a spa breaks down? First of all, you have to determine the cause of the malfunction. The most common cause is a water leak. It is pretty easy to identify this since it causes a drop in water level. You may also see signs of moisture around the spa.

To identify the location of the crack, you should unplug the spa and drain it completely. This will allow you to check the condition of the pipes or seals. Then visit your local pool supply store. You can purchase the appropriate product to seal the leak.

Your spa may also be experiencing sealing problems due to seals that can become damaged over time and lose their effectiveness. Again, you can repair the leak yourself by replacing the failed seal.

How to repair a water leak in a spa?

Home Renovation | Spa Renovation and Repair

There are specific products that caulk small leaks in the piping of spas and also pools. Once the area has dried properly, apply the sealant and allow it to dry for the time specified by the manufacturer. This solution applies to both inground and swim spas. Read the instructions carefully before use, and if in doubt, ask a spa professional for advice.

For the inflatable spa, it will be a little different; the structure is more fragile. This type of equipment is indeed exposed to perforations that can cause major leaks. In this case, you must use patches, generally provided with the purchase of the spa. Spa maintenance must be regular and thorough to avoid failure. For more significant leaks, contact the dealer.

Other Causes of Spa Breakdowns

Home Renovation | Spa Renovation and Repair

You may also encounter a problem with the filtration pump found on both inflatable and inground spas; its malfunction requires immediate attention.

To your chagrin, your spa is no longer making bubbles! It’s probably a motor problem. A word of advice: call in a technician for this type of spa renovation. If you do it yourself, you could damage your spa’s motor beyond repair. If it’s still possible, use the warranty as part of your maintenance contract.

Renovating your spa’s cabinet

Your swim spa or hot tub may be working fine, but the sun, rain, and wind may have damaged the exterior of your spa. It no longer has the shine of the early days, and you want to give it a “design” makeover.

One solution is to change the spa cover. In this case, the intervention of a professional is mandatory. You will not only be able to renovate your spa’s cover but also to personalize it. For this, you will be offered different materials: wood, PVC, or simply a coating and painting on the existing structure. To create a zen and intimate atmosphere, you can add colored LED lights, programmable remotely.

Hope this post has given you an idea of your spa renovation and the repairs you should be prepared for. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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