As the old saying goes – you eat with your eyes first. This can also apply to your furniture. No, we’re not suggesting that you chow down on your bookcase, but the idea is that aesthetics play a big part in making your space pop. Bookshelves are versatile pieces of furniture; you can use it as an accent piece to bring some allure to the living room or bedroom, and a well-furnished one can even make you want to read more. So, if you’re tired of looking at your drab, boring shelves, why not check out our 5 killer tips to giving this essential hardware a much-needed shine.


Where you put your bookshelf matters just as much as what you put on it. So before you start decorating, think of where you want to put it. Hiding it in the corner of the room is not ideal, and will serve no real decorative purpose. Instead, place it in the middle of the focal wall. Or put it close to your fireplace or favorite armchair to create an attractive and cozy reading corner. Place two heavy things beside the bookshelf to make it look like it has more substance; maybe use a coffee table and a basket to ground it.

Choice of bookshelf

A lovely bookshelf can make a world of difference. A simple black or white minimalist bookshelf could bring more depth to a room and can make it appear bigger.  IKEA has a plethora of bookshelves for you to choose from, and they are very affordable. Don’t buy a massive bookshelf if you have only a couple of books; instead, buy a medium one that can fit all your books and still have enough space to add your favorite memorabilia. 

Bookish items

If you love books and have a load of books lying around, why not use them for décor? Not only is it an affordable way of decorating, but it’s also pretty gratifying. Add décor from your favorite book to make your bookshelf appear more distinct. If you are a Harry Potter fan, for example, check out their website where you can buy a custom wand which could be a great show stopper for your bookshelf. You can even take a quiz on the Pottermore website to find your perfect wand. Do not try to put too many things on it to make it look like a bomb has just gone off and this will make Dobby throw himself off the Great Tower Instead, adopt a less-is-more approach that is easier on the eyes.

bookish items

Another décor

Bookshelves might take up a lot of real estate, but they can be the focal part of a room if you accessorize them correctly. It might seem like a grueling task if you take it too seriously or don’t know where to begin. Start with a few photo frames, trophies and other family heirlooms, and you’ll have the perfect start for an aesthetic bookshelf. You can color coordinate your photo frames and make them match the color of the bookshelf itself, or you might want to have it the same color as your favorite book(s). If you want to go the extra mile, create a rainbow book collection where you arrange your books according to their color gradients and follow a rainbow’s color pattern.

Be creative

Have fun while decorating your bookshelf because it will ultimately be in your living area. It might not be Instagram or Pinterest-worthy, but at least it makes you happy, and ultimately this is what matters more. Do not think of it as a task but rather an activity that you might start and complete over the span of a weekend or two. Remember, you can keep working on it as long as you want; try adding or removing a couple of items one every couple of months or re-range your books. Arrange them in a haphazard manner and the clashing colors will give it a more eclectic and peculiar style.

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