Do you want to add a sauna or a hammam to your bathroom renovation? However, you have no idea which one would be preferable for you. Have you tried one, but not the other, or do you not know these activities at all? The sauna and the hammam both contribute to your well-being, but several distinctions are to be understood. Let’s discover what differentiates the sauna from the hammam. 

The sauna and the hammam do not have exact origins.

The hammam dates back to the Roman thermal baths, and it has developed a lot in oriental countries. The sauna has existed for less time (but a few centuries all the same!) and was invented in Scandinavian countries.

As a result, the decor is not the same: the sauna is all wood, while the hammam walls are traditionally covered with mosaic or earthenware. Visually, we distinguish them well.

The main difference between sauna and hammam: the humidity of the air

Sauna or Hammam

The main difference between the sauna and the hammam is that the air is dry in the sauna (and generally hotter), while it is very humid in the hammam.

In a sauna, the heat is extreme, but there is no steam, no moisture, no vapor. There is a lot of humidity in a hammam, and there is also a feeling of heat even if the temperature rarely exceeds 50°C. In a sauna, it can be up to 100°C!

Technologies used for heat in the sauna or hammam

In a hammam, the heat is produced by a steam generator. For the sauna, different solutions exist:

    – Wood-burning stove, gas stove, or electric stove,

    – Infrared radiators.

The heat production is not the same because it is a wet heat obtained in the hammam and dry heat in the sauna. However, you can also produce steam in the sauna by sprinkling water on the volcanic stones on the stove once during the session, which is a Finnish tradition.

Benefits of sauna or hammam

The sauna and the hammam have common points:

    – heat,

    – relaxation,

    – benefits on the skin and the morale,

    – relaxation of the muscles

    – strengthening of the immune system.

In any case, the sauna and the hammam provide an unprecedented feeling of well-being, for sure!

A particularity of the hammam: during a traditional hammam session, one practices scrubbing or masks. Black soap is an exfoliating product often used to remove impurities from the skin.

Sauna or hammam: what to choose?

Some people love the sauna and can’t stand the hammam, and vice versa! Test both to compare. The sauna is comfortable because the environment is made of wood, and it is sweltering. In a hammam, humidity and steam are omnipresent, and the treatments regenerate your skin. The sauna and the hammam have their specificities, and each person reacts differently.

Both activities are not recommended for people with high blood pressure and heart problems. If you have respiratory or circulation issues, you may want to check with your doctor. Be sure that you are not contraindicated to use the sauna or steam room.

If you are not afraid of the sauna or steam room effects, go ahead and tell us which you prefer! Both provide the benefits of heat that would be a shame to go without. Hope this post has helped you decide which one is better for you? Also, if you are looking for a specialized store with an e-commerce site and showroom, do not hesitate to leave your comments below, and our readers will be happy to advise you further.