Fierce winds and frigid temperatures can take a toll on practically everything. While the snowfall may look pretty, it also spells trouble. The cold season can do much more than putting a damper on your mood – it can negatively affect your health, increasing blood pressure and risk of chest infections.

Many assume that the same freezing weather can create havoc on their home, the reason why studies show that most homeowners choose to enjoy the warmth and comfort of their houses and wait until spring to start on any home renovation projects.

I don’t really blame them, but if you think about the few advantages – the off-season for lower rates for hiring contractors, better deals on materials and building permits can be obtained faster– you’d say winter is the best time of the year to get some of your home renovations done.

Freshen Up The Look By Painting

Freshen Up The Look By Painting

It’s a well known fact that different tones and shades of colors can affect your mood and change your perception of things around you. You cannot deny how people always seem to associate blue with a sense of calm, while yellow is often viewed as optimism or happiness.

Repainting the interiors of a house can make a huge difference in the look and transform the feel of the rooms. If you’ve always wanted to change that dark feeling which feels cozy and private into a lighter tone that symbolizes a bright and bigger space, now is the time for it.

Whether it’s to lighten up a space that’s too dark for your taste or to refresh a room, its’ better to paint in winter than in summer, where heat and humidity won’t affect the paints.

Replace Your HVAC System

Replace Your HVAC System

Let’s face it: With dangerously cold temperatures, frozen windshields and a common cold around the corner, you probably do not have the time to worry about updating your HVAC system.

But, pushing this aside could mean embracing high home-heating bills.

Urgh, pretty much irritating, isn’t it?

Well, if you want a win-win situation (saving money on your heating bills and making an important value-addition to your house), take my advice and make sure you have a fully efficient HVAC system.

Renovate Your Closet

Renovate Your Closet

Faux fur, extra long sleeves, puffer jackets, chunky scarves, catsuits, capes and ponchos…

Did you know that the cold season comes along with must-have fashion trends?

I might deem it excessive and too “posh-like” to have an exclusive winter wardrobe, but that’s my point of view.

Back to the topic, if you had time – or rather money – to splurge on new winter clothes, why not take the time out to make room for these new clothing?

Your closet might be out of sight, but if you want to score a ten on ten on perfect home renovations, get down to your closet.

Make Some Small-scaled Home Décor Upgrades

Make Some Small-scaled Home Décor Upgrades

While some home renovation projects are more suited for the winter season, it doesn’t mean you have to think of only big cosmetic renovations.

While converting your attic to a living area or giving your garage a makeover seems feasible, some smaller upgrades such as moving furniture around , replacing old light fixtures and changing curtains can also be considered.

They might seem to be relatively minor tasks, but can drastically change the overall look of your house, rearranging the elements and altering (positively) the flow and energy of a space.

It is important to remember that these small changes can add a stylish and sophisticated feel to a room.

On a final note, remember that you don’t need the weather to warm up for carrying out home renovations, Don’t let freezing temperatures or snowfall stop you from creating –or recreating – wonders in your home.