When you need to fit out or furnish your child’s room, your biggest concern is which furniture set will suit them. Indeed, the furniture and decoration of his room must make him want to spend a lot of time there. For this, the mezzanine bed is the most suitable solution, and it is a piece of furniture that considers everything that makes the room functional.

Mezzanine Bed: What Makes Its Charm?

This type of bed has two different beds. It would be best if you had a ladder to access the top one. This is usually the first point that fascinates the majority of children. Moreover, the mezzanine bed is easily adaptable to the needs of your child. Indeed, it is relatively wide, allowing the child to feel well when he is lying down. It has a storage space that can be used for several purposes depending on your child’s age. For instance, the space can be used as storage for toys or books. Your child can read at night because since there’s usually a place for a bedside lamp with a mezzanine bed. Everything is there for his comfort.

In addition, it is essential to take into account specific points when choosing the bed. The height under the ceiling must be high enough to allow the child to sit down without hitting his head when he gets up. There is a fixed barrier to secure the bed, which guarantees your child’s safety.

Why Choose a Mezzanine Bed?

One of the main reasons why you should opt for a mezzanine bed is its universality. Indeed, it is adaptable to girls and boys. It is a long-lasting solution because your child can use it until his adolescence. Besides, they must have everything within reach. The mezzanine bed offers them this possibility. Whether it’s a sleeping area, a desk, or storage space, they have everything on the same bed, limiting their movements. In contrast, their storage space will usually be at the other end of the room with a traditional bed and a desk near the window.

Another reason why this bed is so popular with children is the space it allows them to have in their rooms. It’s common knowledge that children place a lot of importance on their play despite their busy lives. With this type of bed, you will be able to let them enjoy fully.

What Are the Different Types of Mezzanine Beds?

You can choose between several types of mezzanine beds.

Mezzanine Bed With Desk

This type of bed is suitable for both children and adults. Under the bed, you have a table, a desk or even a sofa. It is the perfect bed for small rooms to enhance the available space and take full advantage of it.

It offers both a living space and a sleeping space for children. Don’t forget to pay attention to the construction material when choosing; this will help with the durability and aesthetics.

Mezzanine Bed With Play Area

The play area is integrated in the form of a hut. This space is quite functional and perfectly meets the needs of growing children. The height between the hut and the sleeping area allows the child to have fun.

Mezzanine Bed With Drawer

This is the most fashionable model at the moment. It is suitable for children but also meets the needs of teenagers. Not only does it make the room functional but decorative as well.