Most of us don’t know what caulking is and it’s fine to admit that because we learn every day. We are here to tell you what it is and what’s its use is. Caulk is a flexible material that is used to fix air leaks. They secure and clog gaps, cracks, and joints of less than 1 quarter-inch between the material (doors, windows, etc.) and stationary building. Caulking is a must if you want to be energy efficient as a lot of energy is wasted in heating and cooling a building, especially when there are cracks in the facade or near windows. So, come along with us and learn some of the issues that can be resolved with caulking.

1. Prevents pots from scratching the floor


Caulk is a pretty versatile thing to have in your home and can help you with a plethora of issues; one such thing is scratches that pots may cause. If you are like me, then you’ve most likely fallen in the rabbit hole that is Tiktok and started to buy a lot of plants during the pandemic, and my condo is filled with flowers and cacti. One issue that came about with my obsession with plants is the fact that my pots would usually scratch my floor, especially when I tried to move them. One quick fix for this is to use your caulk. Turn your pot upside down and apply a few dollops on silicone caulk to the bottom; this should create a lift so that the pot no longer scratches the floor, and the caulk will create a nice foot that is more floor-friendly and won’t cause scratches.

2. Seal leaks and save energy


As argued earlier, caulk can reduce your energy bill because they fix any leak that may be present in your residential or commercial building. By sealing the leaks around your windows and door, you reduce your energy bill, drafts and also decrease your carbon footprint. If we are talking about commercial buildings, we advise using the help of professionals who will be better able to find and find said leaks with caulking. If you are fixing the leaks in your home yourself, then you ought to use vinyl latex or acrylic caulk. Vinyl latex caulk lasts up to 5 years and works best for damp areas, while acrylic caulk work best for dry areas and can last for up to 15 years.

3. Fixes your gutter


Caulk is a really versatile item that you have to have if you are a homeowner. Gutters are something that most of us overlook when we are cleaning our homes and outdoor areas, but they are an integral part of your house and need to be cleaned and taken care of regularly. The best caulk to fix any leaks or problem areas in your gutter is butyl rubber caulk because they are waterproof and work well against the wear and tear of time and weather. Put a little butyl rubber caulk on the problem area, and it will fix the crack and will keep rainwater away from your home. Your gutter will thank you for taking care of it for once.

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