Once you have the keys to your new home, the sight of a large empty room or a lifeless exterior makes us all feel uncomfortable. It is then highly recommended to go directly to the last phase to live in the new home: the installation.

When we talk about installation, the first thing that comes to mind is “decoration”. However, there is a crucial step that must be done beforehand to satisfy our desire for comfort.

The following article will address what must come “before” the decoration: installing the multi-system electricity, plumbing, and heating.

The Electricity

Today, living in a house without electricity is like living in a cave. It is not essential to survival, but it is more than necessary in the case of a search for evolution and comfort.

In fact, it is one of the most used energies by Man, and nowadays, it is found in almost all types of devices: electronic devices, industrial devices, household appliances, etc. How can you make a good cup of cappuccino if there is no power to turn on the coffee machine? It is possible to make one without using a device, but lighting a fire, looking for the right coffee pot, and grinding the coffee beans with your hands or another tool … It’s a lot of effort, though.


Fetching water, taking a shower, and relieving yourself in a river is no longer fashionable these days. Even small cabins in the middle of the woods have their own piping systems to circulate water desires throughout the house.

Indeed, plumbing is essential to the hygiene and well-being of every member of a household. The sanitary services offer you at the same time ease of use and discretion, the whole in respect of the intimacy of each one.

Clean toilets, a shower stall, a kitchen sink, and a water system for the garden must be available for your small comfort space. It is also worth noting that the installation of a sewage disposal system will be very useful.


There is nothing more comfortable than the feeling of being warm and safe in a space where you feel secure. To heat your home, you can either use thermal insulation or install heaters.

Insulation consists of placing insulating materials around your home (roof, wall, or floor) to prevent the interior heat from evaporating and the exterior cold from penetrating. As a result, it will be less cold in winter, and in summer, it will be cooler.

The heating devices work on the same process, but the difference is that they work with electricity, are a little more elaborate, and have more features. Just as an example, there is the boiler that heats water, the air conditioner that arranges the room temperature. There are stoves made of different materials for oil heating, which give you both a scenic design and a wood-fired heat, etc.