Most people replace their bathrooms only a few times in their lives. This is a big investment, not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and effort. Therefore, you need to be well prepared to achieve the desired results. Think carefully about what you want from your bathroom and immerse yourself in the world of plumbing.

Measure the Space

When looking for a new bathroom, make sure you measure your bathroom correctly. This is not just the height, depth, and width of the room itself. You need to measure the location of doors, windows, and various connections. Also, take into account sloping roofs and wells. When ordering a bathroom, it is a good idea to use the house’s original floor plan or ask the builder to measure it for you.

Be sure to sketch the bathroom well to scale. Start by placing the necessary elements and organizing your bathroom this way. You can use a 3D bathroom planner for this purpose.

Set A Budget

Determine in advance the budget for the purchase of materials and renovation. Set aside 10% of the total amount in your budget for unforeseen circumstances. Are you hiring an installer to renovate your bathroom, or are you planning to do it yourself? An average bathroom installation costs as much as it does to purchase the materials. Therefore, if you can do the cut-and-break work and installation (in part) yourself, you can save a lot of money.

Match Your Wishes for Your New Bathroom to the Space

Take a close look at the size of your bathroom and consult with an expert to see what kind of layout is possible. If the dimensions of your bathroom are not enough, you may need to eliminate your wishes. Of course, you could also consider tearing down the existing bathroom or turning another room into a bathroom to suit your needs.

Have a Safe and Comfortable New Bathroom

Be prepared for dangerous situations in the bathroom and avoid accidents. If there is enough space around the shower and toilet, you will not bump into each other easily. Put shower supplies in racks or otherwise keep the floor clear of obstructions. Soap and water combinations are naturally found in bathrooms, but bathtub and shower floors can be especially slippery. Bath mats and shower mats can easily be used to create a non-slip surface. Safety handles can also be a solution for slippery surfaces and getting in and out of the tub.

Thermostatic faucets with temperature limiters keep the water from getting too hot when bathing or showering children. It also ensures that no water is wasted when adjusting the temperature. Bathroom cabinet drawers and doors close softly, which can cause children to put their fingers between the door and the cabinet.

Bathroom, Blue, Tile, Design, White, Hygiene, Bathtub
Bathroom, Blue, Tile, Design, White, Hygiene, Bathtub

Turn Around and Look at the Pictures

Our advice to anyone looking for a bathroom style is to look at a lot of them. That way, you will discover what you like.  Go to showrooms or look for bathroom ideas in magazines or on Instagram.

There are many different styles of bathrooms: modern, rural, classic, concrete-look, industrial, and design. Gather colour swatches and photos of products and materials that you like and decide what style you prefer. Create your own mood board.

Look at Your Living Environment

Will the whole family share the bathroom or just the two of you? Do you have a peak bathroom time in the morning and evening, or does each family member use the bathroom at different times? This may determine whether you choose a single or double vanity.

Do you want to use your bathroom as a wellness area, are you dreaming of a whirlpool tub, or do you want to take short showers? Think carefully about what’s important to you and what’s desirable for your situation.

If you’re looking for materials for your new bathroom, you can contact the team at Kuccina Design. They will provide you with quality materials that can withstand any kind of conditions.