Despite the pandemic giving us millions of reasons not to renovate, we did it anyway!

Remember how early 2020 was disturbingly quiet and boring, a detail I recall not from memory but rather from the thousands of pictures on my phone. When everyone was instructed to “shelter in place”, most homeowners initially envision themselves splayed out on their couch and spending countless hours in front of the TV or involved in household chores. Or, late afternoons would be spent on the wedge of a balcony.

Being confined 24 hours each day has indeed drastically changed the way we live. However, with less or no time at all out in the world and increased isolation as the new norm, we have been inspired to change the way how we design and build the spaces we live in.

Throughout the pandemic, homeowners have been paying much more attention to reimagining how their living spaces could be more comfortable, more efficient and more functional. They have been looking at improvements and renovations with a new, fresh eye.

So, let’s take at how these changes look like!

A Sudden Boom In All Renovations

A Sudden Boom In All Renovations

It’s like Bugs Bunny, upon drinking Spargle becomes super energized.

So many of us have been too much distracted to ever think about revising our homes. However, there’s no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has drawn our attention to our personal nests and how much they need to be spruced up.

Recent studies have even shown that the pandemic has been a leading catalyst for home renovators, with more than 45 % of people wishing to remodel their homes.

Spending a few more hours at homemade people think more about tablescapes and light fixtures, be preoccupied with color schemes, go through furnishing websites, contact interior designers and fantasize about creating beautiful centerpieces and romantic spaces.

Time To Think About The Kitchen

Time To Think About The Kitchen

The kitchen… that’s where we are all gathered first thing in the morning (if you bypass the trip to bathroom) and end the day. Whether it’s for sipping some tea. having lunch, reading the mail, drinking some wine or making out on the kitchen table (that’s my favorite), kitchen is the busiest space in a home.

On the hand, if you look at your kitchen, without a doubt, I can say, nothing has changed. The old, dated furniture is still there, along with those 30-year-old cabinet boxes and the same old drawer boxes.

Research has shown, once again, that kitchen renovation projects were the most famous during the pandemic.

Here’s one testimony:

“For me, I felt like the pandemic was the right time to finally renovate my 20-year-old kitchen. Several of the cabinets were loose, some drawers were broken, and the kitchen was gloomy and not a warm, welcoming environment. I opted for a complete redesign, taking down a wall to enhance light and let the area flow with the living room. However, destroying and reconstructing the bones of an 1890 home was not without surprises—yes, I discovered four sub floors beneath the kitchen floor. Appliances are set behind even further as a result of pandemic-related delays. What should have taken four to six weeks ended up taking nine. However, I admit, it was well worth it.”

Finally Yes To Some Garden Work

Finally Yes To Some Garden Work

Homeowners did not stop at the four corners of their houses.

Faced with busy work schedules and social media, gardening was not on the list of top priorities for most people. However, the pandemic did give rise to thousands of gardening enthusiasts.

People were set on restoring their neglected garden and cultivating their own private outdoor space. Sheds, which were formerly thought to be a musty catchall for tools and gardening equipment, have emerged as yet another opportunity for useful, design-forward living space.