For a house, the roof is one of the main elements that give it its value. In addition to protecting the occupants, the roof of a house gives them comfort. Moreover, it is what allows the house to benefit from perfect insulation. It is also essential to choose a suitable material to give your home a proper look. So which roofing style should you choose?

The Pitched Roof

This is the most common roofing style. It protects the house, especially in rainy and snowy areas. With this style of roofing, water drainage is done easily. However, it depends on the degree of slope. To take full advantage of this type of roofing, it is necessary to calculate the slope accurately.

However, the calculation of this degree of slope is quite complex. It is necessary to take into account all the criteria that come into play for the balance of the house, namely:

the total surface of the house ;

the number of slopes;

the width of the roof;

the height of the roof.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the surroundings of the house. Indeed, to take full advantage of a sloping roof, the house must be secure. In cases where the home is located in an area surrounded by hills, you can opt for this type of roof.

If you are located in a windy environment or along the beach, you can enjoy a pitched roof. However, you will have to choose materials with properties that can withstand these types of environments.

The material used will also determine the level of the slope. For example, with thatch, the roof must have a slope of at least 40%, and with tiles, the slope must be at least 35%.

The Flat Roof

This style of roof was only reserved for collective buildings. With the modernization of the real estate sector, individual houses are increasingly benefiting from this type of roof which gives them a certain elegance.

It offers advantages when it is inaccessible. It can accommodate photovoltaic panels, which is to the benefit of the house’s inhabitants. Sometimes, plants are grown on it. In the case where it is accessible, it allows gaining additional square meters.

It is a style of roofing that does not require the installation of a framework. It is necessary to provide a supporting structure. Whether made of wood or metal, it plays an essential role in keeping the facility in balance.

Installing a flat roof depends on the type of house and the characteristics of the roof. If you choose a green roof for insulation, you will have to invest more than you would for a simple flat roof. In any case, its installation is purely the work of a professional craftsman. Sometimes, the services of an architect are required.

Rounded Roof

This style of roofing is recommended for people who opt for an ecological solution. It reduces heat loss, and it favors the use of attic space. The rounded roof is perfect for any construction and offers several advantages to the occupants.

From the most contemporary to the most modern homes, it is ideal for giving shape and character to the house. For architects, it is a form of roofing that allows them to put their genius into play. It enables them to innovate in terms of shapes. On the other hand, it is more expensive than the sloped roof, and the complexity of its design can justify this cost.

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