Adding a skylight to your home is always an appealing idea; it lets more natural light in and cuts down the cost of electricity while boosting the look of your home. We always advise people to hit up a professional instead of DIYing these types of jobs. However, there are a lot of myths about skylights circulating around that need to be debunked, and this is where we come in, for skylights are a must-have for those hot Australian days, as you can even open them if it is a ventilating one to let fresh air in, making your home less stuffy. So, without any further ado, let’s learn about some of the popular myths about skylines. 

#Myth 1- They dangerous


I can understand how they can seem dangerous; they are made of glass and are looming above your head at all times. They also create an additional entry to your home where intruders and bugs can enter, but these are only myths about skylights. The likelihood of a theft entering from your skyline is very small and almost inexistent. Additionally, skylights don’t open all the way through and open only a few inches to allow fresh air in and can even come with insects screens to void bugs and thieves from entering your home. Skylights are crafted to be as safe as possible, and they were created to keep your family as safe as possible and are built to last. So, even though we get these concerns, they are unfounded and aren’t something you need to be wary of. They are made to stand extreme temperature and weather conditions like storms and hurricanes. Most skylights are also made of tempered glass, and even if they break, they won’t hurt anyone, and the glass will only crumble instead of breaking like shards like traditional glasses. 

Myth 2- They overheat a room


At times, skylines may seem to warm the room they are in. And skylights don’t and can’t seriously change or affect the temperature of a particular room; you are placing the skylight in a specific position to bring sunlight in, and this might lead to the room being a bit hot, but it won’t turn the room into a sauna. However, this is a quick fix and can be dealt with, with the right positioning and blinds. If you want to have sunlight without the heat, then you might want to look into lower-e glasses. Blinds can help control how much light you let in, which might solve your heat issues.

#Myth 3- Skylights leak


This is the most common and prevailing myth about skylights out there. The common consensus about this is fairly illogical; it goes like if there is a hole in my roof, it will leak at some point or the other. This might be true if you’ve installed your skylight yourself or had an inexperienced person do the job, but if it’s done correctly, then your skylight shouldn’t and won’t leak. You are paying for what you are getting with skylights, and if you decide to cut corners, then your skylight will definitely leak. For your skylight, you should choose a team of professionals and get them to use the best tools and materials to do so because this will prevent any leakage further down the line.

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