Aesthetic and easy to use, roller shutters are currently more and more prevalent whether on homes or business premises. In addition, they are available in different materials such as aluminum and PVC, allowing them to adapt to any house style. As for the equipment working with renewable energies and environmental issues, the solar shutters are also very successful in recent years. This equipment is easy to install and environmentally friendly; it allows for significant energy savings. Discover in this article the essential to know about solar shutters.

How Does a Solar Shutter Work?

The solar roller shutters look like the classic models. They are composed of articulated slats (PVC or aluminum) and a box. What makes them different is that they are equipped with a motor and a battery-powered by solar energy. The battery is embedded in the roller and stores the power supplied by the photovoltaic cells of the solar panels. Therefore, solar shutters do not need to be connected to an electrical system. They work in complete autonomy, allowing you to save energy. However, the duration of autonomy varies depending on the power of the battery you install and the number of daily ascents and descents. The solar shutters can be operated remotely or via a wired network. The central box can be installed on the wall or programmed via mobile apps on smartphones and tablets for remote control.

How To Install a Solar Roller Shutter?

The main advantage of choosing a solar roller shutter is that its installation does not require masonry work. Since the device is delivered in a kit, there is no electrical connection to make. Therefore, solar shutters can be installed without problems. In any case, to ensure a job is well done and to benefit from optimal functioning, the installation of a solar shutter must be done by a professional. It must be done in the right conditions, even if there is no major work to be done.

Solar Powered Domestic Roller Shutter with Box |

Moreover, the installation is done on the outside of the house. Therefore, the workers can intervene even if you are not at home. On the other hand, if your house is not yet equipped with solar panels, this side involves more complex work. Indeed, the location of the plates must be well studied to benefit from an optimal output. In this way, the energy produced will adequately power the devices. Despite all the advantages listed, solar shutters have a significant disadvantage. Indeed, although they are easy and cheaper to install, the cost of the equipment is not within reach of everyone, especially if the size of your windows is larger.

Apart from being effective security devices for windows and bay windows, roller shutters can also limit heat loss from a building. These devices effectively contribute to improving the insulation of a dwelling since they constitute an effective thermal barrier against heat transfers.

When closed, roller shutters prevent the cold and wind from entering your home in winter. On the other hand, they prevent the outside heat and the sun’s rays from flooding the room during hot weather. However, the installation must be done correctly and by a certified professional for this to happen.