Are you having trouble choosing a floor covering for your new or renovated home from among the various types available on the market? It is essential to choose the right type of flooring for each of your rooms. In this article, we will show you the different types of floor coverings that are suitable for each room of your home.

For your entrance and hallways

The entrance and hallways are strategic spaces because they define the first impressions of your home. For these spaces, choose a flooring that is resistant to wear and tear and pleasant to the soles of your feet, such as:

  • Natural stone is ultra-elegant and one of the most robust materials. However, its cost is expensive. There are many types of natural stone with an infinite number of tents and colours, ideal for the entrance and corridors, such as marble, granite, basalt and limestone.
  • The printed linoleum is made of waterproof hessian. It can be customized to your taste, with tones and patterns, and can also imitate other materials such as carpet. In addition to being resistant to marks and shocks, this type of flooring meets the requirements of comfort, hygiene, and aesthetics requirements.

For your living room


The living room is both a space for relaxation and a place to spend time with family and friends. To this end, it is necessary to adopt warm and welcoming decorative elements. For this, favour soft materials that correspond to the idea of relaxation, for example:

  • PVC tile is currently ultra-trendy due to its many decorative possibilities, imitating other materials such as parquet, concrete, pebbles, etc. It is easy to clean and has good resistance to stains, dust and moisture.
  • Vinyl tiles have properties similar to PVC tiles. It is made of different resins and comes in a wide variety of finishes and colours. As an advantage, it offers a good sound and thermal insulation. Its maintenance is also convenient.

For your dining room

For your comfort in your dining room, make room for practical materials, such as:

  • Floating parquet resists various aggressions and can be maintained with a broom or a mop.
  • Vegetable fibre is easy to clean and easily absorbs moisture and stains. It is one of the best floor coverings.

For your bedroom


It is necessary to bet on natural and warm flooring materials, such as wood, to soften your sleep. Thus, you can choose between:

  • Laminate flooring comprises compressed wood particles and is coated with a highly resistant resin. Its advantage lies in its low price and ease of installation.
  • Solid parquet is composed of thick strips of solid wood. It is a good sound and heat insulator and has a long life if it is well maintained.

For your kitchen

It is best to choose water-resistant materials when it comes to the kitchen. For example:

  • Waxed concrete is similar to mortar composed of cement, resins and aggregates. It has a smooth, aesthetic appearance and is pleasant to the touch. To harmonize your kitchen, you can also choose it to cover your wall. Waxed concrete is a trendy coating that is hard-wearing and easy to maintain. However, it is reserved for big budgets and requires regular cleaning.
  • Tiles that are similar to terracotta, hexagonal or square, in brick red or grey. They are made of natural components (clay, sand and water) treated to resist moisture.

For your bathroom


In general, for bathrooms, you should opt for materials that are resistant to moisture, such as:

  • A tile is a mineral baked at high temperatures. Its solidity gives it an insulating property. It is easy to maintain.
  • Cork is a natural material made from the bark of cork oaks. It is at the same time a good insulator, antibacterial and antistatic.

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