It’s a little unpleasant when, in your own home, you have to be careful not to disturb your neighbor from the noises coming from your house. And even more so when you want peace and quiet, but the noise from outside is taking it away from you. How do you stop it?

About soundproofing


Soundproofing is a very important part of your home’s acoustics, and it is essential if you want to have silence in your home, as it reduces airborne noise as much as possible. If you want to do something in this sense, it is very important that you take into account the architecture of your house to plan how to proceed to have a good impact after the implementation of the work.

Acoustic insulation is a little more difficult to practice than thermal insulation since the noises and their paths must still be studied before the work begins. For example, there are two types of noise you need to know about:

  • Pink noise: this is the airborne noise coming from inside the building (conversations, music…)
  • Road noise: this is airborne noise coming from outside (vehicles, passers-by…)

The solutions of acoustic insulation

Faced with the various noises that annoy you at home, there are soundproofing techniques to avoid them.

The sound insulation of the walls

The insulation is done by installing mineral, natural or synthetic insulators. It will be more effective with fibrous insulation, wool (glass or rock), cork, or by installing plasterboard … It is suggested to proceed with the installation of a metal frame under which the insulation will be placed. You will then have thermoacoustic insulation.

Insulation by glazing

Insulation will be done through the glazing of your doors and windows. All you have to do is replace or double your glazing. It is recommended that the installation be done by a contractor specializing in insulation.

Soundproofing the floor


The ideal way to avoid noise coming from other rooms is to live in an apartment. This is the case for noises coming from a child’s room (impact and footsteps, for example) or other noises that easily spread to every corner of your home. The most effective way to do this is with an acoustic screed. The installation presents various solutions depending on your floor, and it is recommended to call a specialist.

Soundproofing the ceiling

The insulation is done by installing a false ceiling held in place by a metal frame that is in turn suspended from the existing real ceiling. An acoustic insulator, such as plaster, will then be put in the space between the two (ceiling and false ceiling). This is required when you live in an apartment. Nevertheless, this process is only ideal against airborne noise, but it is not effective against impact noise.

Absolute soundproofing

To be in quiet and total comfort, why not! To have a room, or a house, totally isolated from noises, you must proceed to complete soundproofing, which consists in isolating the wall, the ceiling, and the floor. This will require more work, but you will gain a lot in phonic comfort.

The need for acoustic insulation

When you are bothered by noises in your home, you need soundproofing. Just like thermal insulation, sound insulation brings you the comfort you need after a long day. It will also give more value to your house in case of sale.

The price of a sound insulation


Before starting the work, it is important that a diagnosis is made. The price will depend on your expectations, the type of soundproofing chosen, and the contractor who will do the work.

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