Footsteps, washing machine noise, arguing neighbours is what you are forced to endure every day, not to mention the noise generated by cars. But how to remedy this without undertaking major work and breaking the bank?

Install a False Ceiling

The false ceiling is both functional and aesthetic. Indeed, it is most often used to hide the imperfections of a ceiling or to reinforce a room’s acoustic and thermal insulation. Moreover, the suspended false ceiling comes in different materials and colors, allowing it to harmonize with any decoration style.

You can choose the plasterboard false ceiling, which offers infinite possibilities for customization. It is easy to install and can be fixed on any support (wood, steel, etc.).

Installing a wood paneling false ceiling is also an excellent idea. Since it is a natural material, it creates a warm atmosphere. In addition, the panels can be stained, glazed, or left in their raw state.

It is also possible to choose PVC, which is a very light material and very effective for soundproofing a room.

The same is true for the false metal ceiling, which is little used because of its cost but is very effective in protecting against noise pollution.

Installing false ceilings seems straightforward; however, the work requires excellent know-how since it is generally fixed using an edge angle. For a job well done, it is best to entrust false ceiling installation to a professional in the field.

Lining Walls With Drywall

Usually, drywall is used to separate a room without masonry work. However, this type of partition can also be used to soundproof a room by installing it on an existing wall. The drywall is very light. They do not require any binding material to be installed, but they must be attached to a frame. You can then paint them or customize them as you wish.

There are two types of drywall: those made of honeycomb panels and those made of plasterboard. The second type is the most recommended for soundproofing a room since it provides better soundproofing performance. The panels are placed on the metal frame and can be doubled or tripled depending on the desired result. But is it possible to hang objects on a plasterboard wall? The answer is yes. This type of wall is quite resistant. Therefore, there is no problem if you want to hang frames, shelves, or even a TV on it, provided you choose a fastener suitable for their weight. You can use metal expansion or toggle anchors.

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Installing a Carpet

A carpet effectively reduces airborne noise and noise pollution. In addition, it allows you to hide the imperfections of your floor since it will cover the entire floor. Carpeting provides optimal comfort, especially in winter, and is inexpensive. However, the budget depends on the desired thickness and the material. The thicker it is, the more it will cost. As carpet is available in different colors, you will have no trouble integrating it into your interior decoration regardless of the color of the walls.

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