Several factors come into play when choosing a staircase style for your home. First, you have a constraint related to interior design. Second, you have to stay within your budget, and finally, there is the manufacturing material that needs to be chosen with ingenuity. There is the space you have available for all this, which can influence your choice. However, you have a wide choice of staircases, each as stylish as the other. Here is a selection of the most stylish ones! 

1. Dimensions


When choosing a staircase model, you must pay particular attention to the dimensions. The standards for design and safety must be taken into account. You can either choose a custom-made staircase or a version with standard dimensions. The custom option allows you to customize the staircase to your preferences.

In general, the height of the staircase is estimated at 17 cm to ensure great comfort. When it is higher than 19 cm, the climb may be very difficult. As for the width is often between 70 and 100 cm, depending on the space available. This measure gives you comfort and safety.

2. The shape of the staircase

The shape of the staircase is also essential when making your choice. We distinguish the following models:

3. The straight staircase


This is the simplest model to install and also the most affordable. However, it requires enough space, especially if you want a gentle slope. You can always consider a straight staircase with asymmetrical steps if you have very little space.

4. The spiral or winding staircase

It is less cumbersome than the previous one; it can be installed on the wall without support and can have a round or square shape. It is, therefore, an excellent installation if you wish to optimize space. In parallel, it is recommended to choose a custom-made model in order to obtain a perfectly adapted staircase.

5. The winding staircase


It is characterized by its comfort and compact structure with one or two corners. It saves space, just like the spiral staircase.

6. The material of manufacture

Choosing a staircase for your home also means considering the materials used in its manufacture, which affect its appearance and its price.

Whether you are a fan of traditional or contemporary style, you will easily find a suitable wood species. The wooden staircase is the most popular model because of its versatility, which allows it to blend in with all types of interiors. Moreover, it is material at an affordable price.

Next, we distinguish the steel staircase, which combines resistance and ease of installation. Requiring little maintenance, it is available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Therefore, it adapts to all interiors. You can also turn to stainless steel, both modern and aesthetic.

However, you will need to plan regular maintenance in order to keep its shine in the long term. The concrete staircase is also a possible solution. It offers many possibilities of personalization and seduces by its modular aspect. This means that it can be custom-made according to your needs.

Finally, it is possible to bet on the glass staircase, which is very original. Moreover, it can be associated with other materials such as stone, metal, or stone. The glass staircase brings a bright and modern touch to your home. However, you will need to plan frequent maintenance to eliminate traces because it gets dirty quickly.

7. Storage functions

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Nowadays, there are staircase models with integrated storage that are very practical. They offer you a double function and allow you to have a closet, a chest, or a drawer cabinet.

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