Whether it is a construction or a renovation, the false ceiling brings several advantages. Apart from the fact that it has become trendy in recent years, it brings an impeccable aesthetic touch to the room. It reduces the ceiling height and gives you a clean ceiling. It also provides the room with context, depending on the era, style, and look you would like your guests to see. But is every room suitable for a false ceiling?

For the living room


Before you start looking for a ceiling tile that will work well in your living room, consider why you need a ceiling tile. This is because it serves several purposes. Firstly, it allows you to hide the technical ducts, usually electrical. If you want to use recessed spotlights for your lighting, they require an empty space in which the electricians will embed them. The false ceiling is then ideal.

Instead of embarking on delicate and expensive structural work, it is preferable to install a false ceiling. This will hide the imperfections of the subfloor effectively and at an affordable price. Moreover, it is an excellent solution to hide a damaged ceiling, too high, or undecorative frames. On this, you can opt for a stretched ceiling, usually in PVC, or for a floating ceiling, the basic one, either in wood or steel.

Nails can appear in every corner, especially for PVC. The only hitch is the lack of expertise on the part of the manufacturers, which can jeopardize the aesthetics of the ceiling. A reason why it is strongly recommended to call only professionals in-ceiling installation to have a satisfactory result for your renovation.

For the dining room


False ceilings are back in force in interior design. Practical, aesthetic, inexpensive, and ultra-functional, the false ceiling combines all the advantages if it is adapted to the topology of your dining room. First of all, it has many assets as a decorative element that matches any type of interior design.

Its color and the fact that it incorporates spotlights or camouflages and unifies old ceilings can positively influence the feeling of space in your rooms. Interior designers use the false ceiling to delimit the spaces between rooms by playing with heights, volumes, and colors.

Moreover, it is not only a decorative ally. Indeed, it can represent a real asset in terms of thermal insulation. It can also help you save the cold during your family meals. And last but not least, the false ceiling helps you to eat in peace without having an inaudible room.

It is possible to integrate soundproofing in the new space created by this material. This additional insulation can be very effective against noise pollution. You have a wide choice of materials for the renovation of your ceiling. You can opt for the ceiling in plasterboard, plasterboard, or PVC for more aesthetics.

If you like Scandinavian and vintage styles, go for a wooden ceiling that will match your shelves and the wooden table in the middle of your dining room. But after that, you always have the choice between varnishing this wooden ceiling or painting it with a color that matches your wall or your wall decorations.

Final thought


No one wants to be disturbed while they are watching a movie or while they are reading a good book. As a book lover and someone who can read 2 books a day when I’m free, I hate having any external noises distracting me from doing what I love.

Most of us want a harmonious and peaceful environment when we are enjoying our free time, which is hard to come by when you are a working adult. Noise reduction glasses help you achieve this peace of mind, and they allow you to enjoy your free time in peace without being disturbed by the outside world.

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