To better view the outside and to benefit from a good luminosity, many house owners are seduced by the bay window. How much can the work cost?

The Price of Bay Window Installation

The price of the installation of bay windows is between 150 and 500 €. It can go up to 4 000 € if it is necessary to open load-bearing walls or carry out considerable masonry work.

If it is a renovation, the installation price of bay windows can be between 500 and 1,000 €. This price already includes the removal of the bay window. These rates are likely to vary depending on the opening system and the rate applied by the professional who handles the installation of joinery.

Depending on the configuration of your home, the installation rate of the bay window is different. Several installation techniques can be adopted. The tunnel installation is ideal for renovation, but it is not suitable for a bay window. It consists in installing the bay window in the existing opening and then fixing it between the walls.

As for the surface-mounted installation, it is suitable for all types of bay windows. It can be installed in new buildings as well as in renovation projects. As for the rabbet installation, it is not common. This is because it is more suitable for older models than recent ones. Renovation installation is more complicated.

If it is a simple installation of a bay window on an existing structure, the work lasts between half a day and a day. However, if it is necessary to carry out other operations, it will take three and seven days.

The Different Aids Available for the Installation of Bay Windows

The installation of bay windows is quite expensive. That’s why certain aids are available to reduce your expenses. There are, for example, the Sustainable Development tax credit, the zero interest eco-loan, the ANAH subsidies and the CAF subsidies. For installing bay windows, you can also benefit from the MaPrimeRenov aid or the energy bonus.

By entrusting the installation of bay windows to an RGE certified professional, you will benefit from a 5.5% VAT reduction on the purchase or installation of the bay windows. However, your home must be at least two years old to qualify for this type of financing.

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