The roof of a house is an essential element in its design. That is why roofing work should not be taken lightly. Over time, its condition can deteriorate. This can be caused by various problems such as poor waterproofing, lack of maintenance, and poor ventilation. In this regard, you must renovate your roof to perform its functions in good conditions. Follow our tips for a successful roofing job.

Roof maintenance

To prevent your roof from deteriorating, you must clean it regularly and remove all kinds of dirt such as moss, lichen, and algae. Different methods can be applied to make your roof clean. In this sense, pressure cleaning is one of the most effective solutions and indispensable for roofs. The price for this treatment starts at 15 euros per square meter.

You can also use cleaning products such as anti-foam, which eliminates the mosses of your roof in depth. Water repellents are specific products composed of water and siliconized acrylic resin, ensuring at the same time a cleaning function and a protection function for your roof. This product makes it waterproof and improves its durability and performance.

There is another more economical method to clean your roof effectively. It is a natural anti-foam treatment. This includes using natural products with anti-moss properties such as white vinegar, baking soda, basil oil, and citric acid. You can apply them yourself to your roof with a scrub brush.

Roof renovation

Doing a complete roof renovation is not an easy thing. To do this, you must first take stock of your old roof. Check the condition of the roofing, the frame, the thermal insulation, the gutter, and the waterproofing of your roof. Various parameters must be considered, including the list of work to be done, the area of the elements to be renovated and the materials to be used. Before starting the roofing renovation project, you must know the regulations in force concerning this project and follow the different procedures and formalities necessary, such as obtaining a permit from the town hall.

Next, you must choose the materials you wish to use for the roofing. Generally speaking, the most used materials are tile and slate because of their resistance, durability, and performance.

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Once you have chosen, you must remove your old roof to make room for the new one. This action can be done depending on the type of installation of your old roof. It needs to be dismantled with a roofer’s hammer if it is nailed down. If it is not, simply remove it with gloves.

Finally, you can install your new roof. The price of a roof renovation varies depending on the operations performed, the materials, the different services required, and the duration of the intervention required.

So, if you want to carry out a roof renovation project, it is essential to call on a craftsman. Thanks to their competence and expertise, the maintenance or renovation of your roof will be in good hands.