Before buying a product, it is important to find out which brand is the best. It’s a good idea to look for a brand that is well known and has a high reputation in its field. In other words, the better known the brand, the more reliable the product. If you are looking for a brand of shutters for your home to build or renovate, why not choose¬†Bubendorff shutters?

1. What are Bubendorff shutters?


A shutter is a panel of woodwork installed in front of an opening (door or window), allowing protection from light and intrusion. It also protects your privacy and insulates you from the outside temperature. Apart from doors and windows, some shutters are intended for the roof and the veranda.

Bubendorff is an Alsatian company specializing in the manufacture of roller shutters and electric motors. It can also provide installation of Budendorff shutters. The company is located in Saint-Louis in Alsace. However, to facilitate the distribution of products bearing this brand and to easily meet customers’ needs, production sites and distributors of the brand are located in France and Germany.

2. What are the different types of Bubendorff shutters?

Bubendorff shutters come in 4 types, namely:

The electric shutter

It is composed of slats (aluminum or PVC) articulated and wound around a horizontal drum. It can be motorized, allowing all kinds of automatisms and programming. For this, it is controlled by a switch that can be individual (for each shutter) or centralized (for all shutters).

The self-piloted roller shutter manages itself. Indeed, its opening and closing are automatic and depend on the outside environment. Thus, it manages the sun’s rays in summer and optimizes the heat input in winter.

The solar roller shutter


This one transforms the solar radiation into electricity, which is stored in a battery. It works thanks to an aluminum box linked to a solar panel. The solar shutter is silent, flexible, easy to install and use.

The sliding shutter is made of one or many leaves, sliding on rails, depending on the size of the window.

3. What are its strengths?

Budendorff shutters are innovative products resulting from an industrial and technological chain. They are easy to install on any opening size (from a small opening to a large window) and easy to use. They are available in several styles: traditional, modern, and design.

In addition, each shutter that carries this brand is unique. Each has its identity card, thanks to a unique serial number. In addition, Budendorff shutters are covered by a 7-year warranty. This covers all parts, labor, and travel.

4. What are its weaknesses?


As with all major brand products, Bubendorff products are subject to failure. It may be a malfunction of the end of your roller shutter. Some failures are irreversible, so replacement is necessary. Others are repairable, especially if they are the most frequent breakdowns.

In this case, if it is a wired motor, you can reset it by pressing the off button on the switch for 7 seconds, then turn it back on. On the other hand, if your roller shutter has a radio motor, press the up and down commands simultaneously for 15 seconds, then release.

A winch problem can cause failures. Open the box with a screwdriver, then manually lower the roller shutter all the way down to see the winding shaft. Then, loosen the screws and the side plates and remove the winding shaft. Finally, take out the winch and replace it. If the slats of your roller shutters are damaged or broken, you should consider replacing them.

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