The garage door is an essential element in optimizing space in a house. In addition to giving you a bit of space in your home, it allows you to secure your precious belongings. Do you find yourself in need of changing or installing your garage door? Here are five important criteria for installing a garage door.

Consult experts to install a garage door


When installing a garage door, it is important to consider consulting with experts. In reality, installing a door requires a great deal of technical precision. This is why there are workshops that specialize in garage door installation. They have the right equipment for their work. This allows them to provide a service in the rules of art.

Choosing a garage door

It is necessary to choose a garage door before installation. If you call professionals, their first concern would be what type of door you want to install. For this, there are several types of garage doors:

    • The sectional garage door
    • The folding garage door
    • The swinging garage door
    • The overhead garage door
    • The rolling garage door

Each garage door has a unique operating system. Thus, you will make a choice that will suit your needs.

Prepare a budget to install the garage door.

The installation of the garage door makes you spend according to your needs. In reality, to start the installation work, you need to evaluate the size and weight of the door. Also, you need to consider the opening system of the door. For a motorized system, you will have to foresee from 350 to 800 $ TTC. For a non-motorized system, you will have to prepare a budget of 100 to 300 $ TTC.

Gather the necessary material for the garage door


Installing a garage door requires mastery and expertise in the field. That is why it is advisable to seek out competent companies for this task. Nevertheless, you can do without this if you have remarkable DIY skills. Thus, you will have to use tools as part of the task at hand.

Some of the tools you will need to install the garage door include a drill, hammer, and a hacksaw. You will also need a step ladder, a screwdriver, and even a vise grip. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of tools, but these instruments are the most important in the installation of a garage door.

Proceed to the installation of the garage door

To properly install the garage door, there are some sub-criteria to consider. First, you will need a workforce to help you transport the door and do all the installation. Second, when purchasing the garage door, ask for the installation guide. This way, you will follow the instructions provided by the guide to the letter.

In the absence of the garage door installation guide, the Internet provides you with ways that can help you perform tasks. For example, on YouTube, you can find several guides that show you how to go about achieving a result.

Sliding gate

If you are interested in a gate, you will quickly realize that the choice is not so simple. Gates can be either sliding or wing. There are very simple models and double portal models. Whether you choose a swing gate or a sliding gate is a matter of space and your needs. A swing gate requires more space but is easier to install.

Sliding gates are more convenient to use and require less space. Swing and sliding gates do not have the same space requirements. For swing gates, there is a space requirement to adjust when opening. For sliding gates, sufficient space is required for rolling sideways. About 30% of the width of the gate must be added for the drive mechanism.

Sliding gates are more space-efficient. Electrically operated sliding gates are also practical and well suited if you frequently enter and leave your house. On the other hand, swing gates, especially wrought iron gates, are particularly suitable for elegant ornamental gardens. Sliding gates can be equipped with or without a rail. In the case of a gate with a rail, small irregularities in the ground are forgiven during installation.

A sliding gate requires some maintenance, as the rail must be regularly cleaned and freed from snow, leaves, and frost. The moving parts of the gate need regular oiling. You can choose between a gate with one or two wings. Two-wing gates are suitable for entrances of any size. When planning the gate, take into account the space required for its rotation. With all swing gates, the hinges must be well maintained so that they move easily.

Conclusions about garage door installation


Installing a garage door is a job that requires a lot of care and expertise. However, there are certain criteria that you need to take into account to get a perfect result. You must choose the door, budget for the purchase and installation, and gather the necessary materials. It is still highly recommended to entrust the garage door installation work to qualified people.

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