Are you a fan of contemporary style and want to enhance your interior? Don’t hesitate to opt for the adjustable brise-soleil (BSO). Both elegant and practical, it protects you from the sun while letting enough natural light into your home. What are its characteristics? What types of shades are there? What are the advantages of this type of blind? At what price can you buy one? The answers to these questions in the article!

The Specificities of an Adjustable Sunshade

The structure and shape of the external Venetian blinds are similar to those of a Venetian blind. Like a Venetian blind, the BSO is composed of slats fixed on rails. Its main characteristic is that its slats are adjustable. Depending on the model, these measure from 20 cm to 40 cm in height. Thus, it is possible to orient them according to the sun’s direction in the room. The more space between the blades, the more light penetrates inside the house, and vice versa.

Very practical, the brise-soleil orientable is easily installed on the facade to give it an aesthetic touch. We propose various materials: aluminum, wood, and PVC on the market.

The BSO can be adapted to any window. However, it is particularly suitable for large bay windows, large windows, or verandas. You should know that the adjustable sunshade can easily replace a roller shutter.

The Different Types of External Venetian Blinds

Three main types of external Venetian blinds are available on the market:

The vertical sunshade: it is widely used to protect against rain, wind, and sun. Like the slats of a pergola, the vertical louvered shading devices allow for good air circulation inside the home. They are also designed to create shade and reduce the dazzling effect of the grazing sun.

Horizontal sunshades: can be installed over a patio, a deck, or any space that needs to be shaded. Replacing a parasol, a barnum, or a shade cloth, it allows creating a relaxing space.

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There are two ways to install a horizontal sunshade:

– the fixation on the facade thanks to one or two vertical walls.

– Mounting on feet fixed to the ground.

The Z-blade adjustable sunshade: which can provide complete darkness if you wish.

What Are the Advantages of an External Venetian Blind?

Without a doubt, the main advantage of a BSO is its decorative aspect. But there are many other considerable advantages that it can offer you.

Comfortable to use

With a BSO, you can enjoy natural light while regulating the amount of heat that enters the room. Thanks to the slats’ inclination, it is easier to choose the direct or indirect sunlight that suits your needs. Depending on the exposure of your windows, your activity, or your desires, your BSO can meet your expectations. In addition, you have the possibility of controlling it remotely when it is motorized.

A Unique Atmosphere

Whether you want a cocooning semi-darkness or an indirect light, the BSO can offer you the atmosphere of your dreams. Do you want to be free from the prying eyes of your neighbors? It’s possible with the BSO. Make way for freedom in your home!

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Innovative Materials

Manufactured with specific materials, certain models of external venetian blinds allow you to create a contemporary style. With its structured powder coating, its non-smooth paint offering a high-end look, and the Kevlar thread that resists UV rays, quality is the order of the day.

How Much Does a BSO Cost?

The price of an adjustable sunshade varies widely from one material to another. In general, the average cost is between 200 and 400 euros/m². If you opt for an all-metal BSO, the price can exceed 500 euros/m². A model made of wood or steel is the most affordable, although it requires more maintenance. In addition, the way the BSO works also influences its price. Manual and electric BSOs have different prices.