In architecture, the jalousie is basically a system of shutters (made of wood) with adjustable slats that allow one to see from the inside without being seen from the outside. From Egypt to the United States, passing through Andalusia, Italy, or Lyon, then from wood to glass, the jalousie has revealed two other important aspects of its use: it allows to ventilate a room and to open its habitat to the outside while avoiding the intrusions of rain, animals or humans.

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about louvered windows. Many questions about this device are constantly being asked. What are they? What are they used for? Too many unanswered questions about theseĀ famous windows. It would be better to know everything about these windows before installing them.

What are jalousie windows?


Somewhat comparable to Venetian blinds or shutters, jalousie windows allow you to safely ventilate and light a room. The distinction here is that louvered windows allow the outside to be seen from the inside without letting the inside be seen from the outside. It is a system of wooden shutters with adjustable slats that allow the outside to be seen.

In the open position, the slats face outward and vice versa when closed. The glass slats are inserted into the various types of shutters (wood or metal) by means of a metal hinge. On one of the two edges of the frame is a system for opening and closing the slats in the following forms:

  • Cremone handle or winch
  • A motorized button
  • A remote control.

These famous windows are the domain of expertise of carpentry experts. These versatile windows can be adapted to almost any room in the house. They strike the right balance between contemporary and classic looks.

Where can louvered windows be installed?

Because of their usefulness and many advantages, louvered windows fit perfectly in almost any room.

In the bathroom

A louvered window is ideal for creating a water vapor escape system in the bathroom. This opening simultaneously ventilates the bathroom and lets in daylight when installed under the ceiling. Installing it in the ceiling prevents any risk of cutting the glass slats. Operate your window with the remote control or a simple button from below.

In the kitchen

The louvered window allows steam and smoke to escape during cooking in the kitchen. It also lets in daylight for comfortable lighting. This same steam and smoke evacuation channel also serve as a kitchen’s ventilation system. Just like in the bathroom, they can also be installed under the ceiling or on the wall in the kitchen.

In other rooms


Louvered windows provide the perfect opening for light and ventilation in the bedroom. Even in the open position, stray insects and animals will not have access to your bedroom. The frame of this piece of woodwork can also be used as screen support to gain a little more space in the room. Enjoy the fresh, natural air during your resting moments.

The advantages of a jalousie window

Apart from their aesthetic, comfortable, and ergonomic aspects, Jalousie windows offer many other concrete advantages.

Preservation of privacy

Venetian blinds are blackout devices that prevent malicious individuals from seeing what is happening inside. The occupants of the room will have a perfect view of the outside. You can also be informed of a stranger entering your home or your children playing on the patio from your window.

A security option


Do you ever find yourself having to close your windows to keep the neighbors’ pets out of your home? At the same time, you need to ventilate and look outside. Thanks to the jalousie window, enjoy the ventilation without letting in these unwanted animals. Moreover, the glasses are resistant to various shocks and do not tear off easily.

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