When building or renovating, it is essential to do some roofing work. The installation of the under-roof is part of it. This element is the most important of the roof because it serves as a covering and supports the roof.

Under-roof: What Is Its Purpose?

The under-roof, also called the roof covering or eaves, is an essential roof element. It serves as a support for the roof and as a covering. It includes technical and aesthetic aspects of the roof. Considered a fundamental finishing element of a house, it has many advantages. It gives character to the house. It brings a personalized touch, whatever the roofing material (tile, zinc, slate, aluminum, steel, or other). Moreover, it is suitable for any type of roof (flat or sloped) and blends with the other elements of the house, such as woodwork, siding, and roof edge.

In addition to the aesthetic side, the under-roof also offers protection against the invasion of birds. It prevents them from nesting in the attic. It also protects against climatic hazards and is helpful throughout the year. In summer, it prevents the sun’s rays from entering through the windows. In winter, it plays an essential thermal role. The roof overhang optimizes the insulation of the building by preventing the wind from blowing into the attic. It avoids heat loss and ensures real waterproofing.

Types of Under Roofs

Generally, the roofers install a wooden under-roof or a PVC under-roof.

– Wooden under roofs:

They are appreciated for their aesthetic side. Wooden under roofs add elegance to the roof. Moreover, the owners can choose to leave it in its natural color or to paint it.

– PVC under roofs:

They are used on all types of buildings, especially business premises. This is because they are flexible and more economical than wood. What’s more, PVC is a light material available in many colors. The only drawback is that it is less aesthetic.

It should be noted that there are PVC panels that perfectly imitate wood. They are pretty expensive.

Wood Wooden Ceiling - Free photo on Pixabay

The Price of the Installation of an Under Roof

The price of the installation of an under roof depends on certain elements:

– The installation system;

– The slope of the roof;

– The climatic conditions of the region where the building is located;

– The material of the under roof;

– The elements of the overhang to be installed (gutter, fascia board…);

– The work to be done.

The price is quite high for a renovation because it is necessary to remove the existing eaves. The craftsman can also include the finishing work, such as painting. Note that a professional often offers rates per square meter. For installing an under-roof, the average price is between 20 and 60 euros.

Many individuals decide to do the work of installing the under-roof themselves. However, this is not recommended as the installation is risky. It is best to seek the help of a roofer. The operation requires specific knowledge and physical skills.