For comfort and aesthetics, it is essential to be careful when choosing the material for the window frames. Good thermal insulation is a good solution for saving energy and an excellent solution to improving your home or office’s thermal and acoustic insulation. Various materials are available (PVC, aluminum, wood, etc.), but which one is the most suitable for your needs? To help you, let’s see some materials and their characteristics.

The PVC Frame

Many people opt for PVC windows. This type of window is the cheapest of all, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality, on the contrary! Despite its price, the PVC window offers several other advantages. First, it requires very little maintenance, unlike other materials such as wood. It also has an excellent lifespan (between 20 and 40 years). In terms of resistance, it is known for its strength against weathering and corrosion. Indeed, a PVC window does not rust and does not suffer from discoloration or deformation over the years.

In terms of aesthetics, the option for PVC windows is limited. For example, there is no wide choice of colors or styles for PVC windows. PVC sash is also not suitable for large windows. It is usually ideal for standard sizes.

Aluminum Window Frame

If you plan to install or replace a window, you can also opt for an aluminum frame. It is more robust and more stable and is suitable for large windows. It is easy to maintain, and all you need is a sponge and detergent to clean and restore its shine. This type of sash is also efficient and gives more aesthetics to the architecture of your house. Indeed, you can choose any finish for your aluminum window frame. You will get a personalized window, which will give your house or business premises a unique look.

On the other hand, the price of this type of window is not accessible to everyone. Its performance in terms of insulation is also quite satisfactory, very correct if we refer to its price.

The Wooden Frame

Considered as a noble and high quality material, wood is one of the most chosen options in the construction and manufacture of windows. Many people appreciate this natural and stylish touch on their windows. In addition to that, it also shows excellent insulation performance, both thermal and acoustic. Therefore, it will contribute to improving your daily comfort. It also helps to save energy. It is also solid and resistant, provided it is treated and maintained correctly. There is a wide choice of colors and styles of wooden frames tailored to your demands.

That’s where its drawbacks lie. Being a natural material, wood requires rather meticulous and very regular maintenance (sanding, varnishing, painting, application of wood stain, etc.). Wood is also a sensitive material and therefore, the material and tools needed for its maintenance must be chosen with care.

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Wood-Aluminum: A Wise Choice

If you can’t decide between wood and aluminum, there are frames made with a mixture of both. Versatile, this type of joinery is convenient and offers good thermal comfort. It is also solid and has a long life span. Moreover, in case of damage or problem, it can be recycled. Therefore, it has good advantages, despite its relatively high price.

The Benefits of a Steel Frame

Very few people know about this, but it is good to know that there are also steel window frames. This material is known for its strength and stability. Like aluminum windows, steel windows are also easy to maintain and do not require special tools or products.

Its disadvantages are its price, thermal capacity, and aesthetics. Indeed, a steel window frame price is quite varied but usually quite expensive.

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