Having a bathroom that is both ergonomic and bright is usually a must. However, many homeowners choose or are forced to install the bathroom under the roof for various reasons. For example, there is the need to create a bedroom with a bathroom for the children, save space in tiny houses, or make an extension to the house within a limited budget.

Also, even though attics are generally dark places, it is not difficult to bring light into them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about the different ways to bring light into a bathroom under the roof; we invite you to read thisĀ article.

The roof window or the skylight


Depending on the layout of your home, you can choose one of these two solutions. The first is the roof window, which is ideal when your bathroom is on the top floor, under the roof. You can then easily install a window directly on the roof. No matter how small it is, it will always bring light. Less expensive than having a window in a wall, the roof window is, therefore, a very feasible option if you are in this situation.

If your bathroom is on the first floor, it is also possible to get light, but indirectly through the upper floors. This is usually called a skylight. The skylight is usually done by installing a piece of glass floor on a larger or smaller part of the floor, depending on what you want. If the room above your bathroom is exceptionally bright, this is the perfect solution because you can benefit from the light from the floor above.

Using different types of lighting fixtures

Hanging lamps, string lights, spotlights, sconces, ceiling lights, and light panels are all lighting fixtures that can be used to bring light into a bathroom installed under the roof. Note that it is preferable to choose your lighting fixtures according to your needs in terms of brightness and decoration to avoid clutter problems. For example, a ceiling light or a large spotlight for general lighting, a string of lights around the mirror for localized lighting, and LED wall lights placed on each corner for a relaxing moment during a bath can be sufficient.

Installing roof domes or roof windows


Like roof windows, installing one or more roof domes is an excellent solution to light the interior of a bathroom when it is under the roof. In addition to the entry of natural daylight or even night light (during periods of a full moon) into the room, the installation of these devices is also decorative, economical, and ecological.

Moreover, a wide choice of colors, materials, and design is available, especially since there is something for every budget. In addition, some carpentry companies also offer custom-made services. Like skylights, some types of roof domes can help ventilate the home’s interior with their opening frame.

Choose reflective materials and furnishings

Using reflective materials in the design of an attic bathroom can optimize its lighting. Installing a sink, basin, and vanity top made of marble, resin, or granite can not only optimize the brightness inside the bathroom but also give it a simple, classy, aesthetic touch. Opting for a glossy floor covering is also a good idea.

Although there are glossy models among the different types of flooring, we recommend you to choose tiles or resin because of their durable, resistant, and waterproof character. As for the furniture in the attic bathroom, a mirror effect finish is to be prioritized. Shiny, silver, or gold bathroom accessories can help greatly.

Opt for light colors


The choice of colors is very important when looking to brighten a bathroom under the roof. This is because colors have a great influence on the final look of the room. Dark colors such as black or gray tend to reflect a shrinking image of the room, while light colors are the opposite. That’s why neutral, clean, and pastel colors are the most popular. Bright colors are also welcome as long as they are used in moderation.

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