You would like to separate your bedroom in two while optimizing the available space, but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry; this article tells you about several ways you can add a dressing room or an extra bedroom to this intimate room in your home. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and look at some furniture and furnishings that can help you divide your bedroom in half.

1. Opt for a half wall or a low wall


You can choose the half wall if you want to divide your room in two without going through a major construction. This solution allows you to divide the room without breaking volumes. Nevertheless, you will have to contact a mason to install it properly.

On the other hand, for a more ambitious separation project, you can opt for a low wall. Thanks to the latter, not only will you visually delimit your room, but this small wall will be able to play perfectly the role of a headboard on the side of the area dedicated to sleep and a desk on the side of the space devoted to work.

2. Elevate one of the spaces to isolate it from the rest

Partitioning the interior of your bedroom is not the only way to divide it. How about doing it in a more original way, bypassing the partitioning? Yes, it is possible to separate without partitioning. All you have to do is raise one of the areas slightly with a wooden platform so that it stands out visually from the others.

Those who separate their bedroom in two with the help of the wooden dais usually choose to put the room’s sleeping area on high. This allows them to exploit the space under the bed by sliding in additional storage, for example.

3. Using a curtain or Japanese panels to divide the room into two

Here is a solution that individuals very often take because of its very affordable cost, and its installation is very easy. Indeed, the installation of a curtain or Japanese panels to slide to a metal track is very fast and inexpensive.

Beyond that, this solution is perfectly suited to the rooms and Zen purity, and curtains can be deployed at the whim of the occupant of the room. But for an impeccable result, he will have to choose their material, their pattern, and their color, taking into account his style of decoration.

4. Choose a piece of furniture as a headboard for each space


You can also partition the interior of your bedroom by using a piece of furniture as a headboard for each space. Some models can even be used as a storage area while separating the two zones of the bedroom, the sleeping area, and the bathroom.

5. A sliding door to isolate spaces

Another final bedroom partitioning trick that can be used is the sliding door. In fact, in addition to dividing the room in two, this solution optimizes the space by avoiding the loss of precious square meters due to the opening of the door. Thus, this type of trick in a room with a limited surface makes it possible to make the most of every square centimeter.

6. Install a screen to transform a room into two


An excellent compromise between a removable partition, a screen, or a curtain, the screen prevents any loss of airflow and light in the room while preserving its volumes. Generally made of wood, this partitioning solution remains very decorative. Some models even offer great modularity thanks to their wooden slats that open and close according to the inhabitant’s desires.

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