Designing a kitchen can be done according to several criteria. However, is there a standard that you have to follow to succeed? Indeed, there are some pretty simple rules to follow, but in and of themselves, they are not standards. Equipping your kitchen should be a matter of your own personality. The goal is to achieve perfect functionality. In addition to the friendliness one feels there, it brings much joy. Here is how to equip your kitchen.

Think About Ease of Movement

To optimize the freedom of movement in a kitchen, we equip it following a very simple rule: the triangle of activity. In the kitchen, traffic flows back and forth around three essential areas: the refrigerator, the work surface, and the sink. It is, therefore, important that the circulation around these three poles is clear enough. Ideally, the different stations should be separated by only a few steps to allow the cook to move back and forth without difficulty. Thus, all his movements would be summarized in a triangle in which he has everything at hand.

Opt For Simple Storage

What most people are looking for in their kitchens is storage space. Since this storage is quite important, it must be simple enough not to overload the room. Many people opt for specific storage units. On the other hand, its ease of use makes a storage space beautiful. The specificity of your storage units must be in their positioning. Indeed, depending on your area, you can opt for high or low cupboards; while focusing on simplicity.

Think About the Comfort of the Furniture

A kitchen with several seats is more practical than you might think. Contrary to what most people believe, the seats are not only decorative elements. Therefore, it is essential that when choosing the components of your kitchen, you personally go through a trial run. When you focus solely on the physical appearance, your kitchen will be pleasing to the eye, but you will not get the full benefit of it.

The Dining Area

Like the living area of the house, the kitchen has become more convivial. It’s no longer just about cooking food. Basically, the kitchen tends to become a room of its own. Thinking of installing a dining area gives it more value and practicality. However, when installing a dining area in the kitchen, it is important not to invade it at the risk of making it unusable. It is therefore advisable to choose fairly classic furniture. It is much more important to focus on the size of the furniture. It must be different from the dining room, which should not lose its reputation.

The Sink, the Mixer Tap, and the Kitchen Hood

Generally, the sink consists of two large parts. In its implementation, it is important to focus on this side. What makes it more functional is its ability to hold a pot of 40 to 50 centimeters. It effectively replaces the dishwasher.

When it comes to litigation, experts recommend the high spout model. Indeed, this model allows you to slide everything you want without difficulty easily. With a hand shower, you have even more freedom of movement.

The suction of heat, sugar, and grease during your preparation allows you to guarantee the good functionality of your kitchen. Thus, the hood must be chosen according to the cooking plate. To be precise, on each side, your hood should be more than 10 centimeters wider than the cooktop.

Optimize on Light

In the kitchen, light plays a vital role. Although it is a room generally frequented in the evening, the presence of natural light is not to be neglected. In addition, it is necessary to provide pretty fluid and total lighting.

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