Industrial and Scandinavian decorating styles are among the best decorative trends that exist. Indeed, they add new colors and adequate accessories to sublimate your environment. But, given their importance, choosing between one of these decorating styles is often tricky. Nevertheless, there are some key points to use to facilitate your choice. This article tells you about them.

Industrial Decorating Style: An Ideal Trend to Modernize Your Home

The industrial decoration is a style that is not new. In its principles, it advocates complexity and leads its user to print in his living environment all these desires. Thus, in the models of industrial decorations, you will see a mixture or a combination of vintage and modernity. For example, in the same room, you can have traditional furniture (vintage look) and industrial accessories such as wallpapers arranged on your wall. It is essential to understand that the industrial style uses different materials (wood, metal, concrete, etc.) to create a modern and classic environment.

To achieve such effects, you will have to rethink the look of your wall. Instead of opting for a wall with geometric wallpaper, you can install a wall with an aged wallpaper. This tip brings out the vintage look perfectly. Also, instead of tiles on the floor, the industrial style offers you, for example, a vinyl tile floor. In this way, the interior of your dealership can reflect the features of modernity and show that you are in the trend.

Scandinavian Decorating Style: A Suitable Option for Simplicity

Unlike the industrial style, the Scandinavian (Nordic) style is a decorative trend that prefers simplicity. Thus, it favors using unique materials to create a sublime space. Par excellence, this style prefers to use wood to work its magic. Therefore, in Scandinavian decoration, you will only find wooden furniture with a vintage look, wooden deck tiles, etc. By using such accessories, the Scandinavian style guarantees a calm, simple, and elegant look to your home.

However, this decorating trend is not only limited to the use of specific materials. Apart from that, this style also advocates the integration of bright colors in the decoration. This trick is considered to increase the beauty of your indoor/outdoor space. For this purpose, in Scandinavian decoration, the standard recommends the exclusive use of white. So, you can install a white painted wooden floor in the living room or on your terrace or put white tiles in your bathroom. It is also possible to alternate white with black to have more effect.

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Industrial Decoration and Scandinavian Decoration: The Nordic Style Is Better

The industrial style offers a better decorative atmosphere to its user. Moreover, it is one of the trends that best modernize your environment. Nevertheless, despite these attributes, the industrial style does not offer better advantages than the Scandinavian style. Indeed, industrial decoration necessarily needs to combine several trends to sublimate your home. This mix of styles sometimes clutters the decor and does not enhance your dealership. On the other hand, the Scandinavian style brings out the simple side of your decoration.

In this case, you have the impression of being in the philosophy of the minimalist style. Apart from this, you should know that the materials favored by the industrial style are often expensive. For example, you will inevitably spend more money to have concrete than to have wood. Thus, adopting the industrial style can sometimes generate enough costs. But, you will only use wood to design your furniture/accessories for Scandinavian decoration. This way, the expenses are bound to be less expensive. Based on these facts, it is better to go for the Scandinavian style.