Fenced land means privacy and security! Fencing your land allows you to delimit your space better, whether it is a garden or a landscaped terrace. But also to avoid the escapades of your pets, to limit the vis-à-vis and the risks of intrusion. Fences are also an excellent way to up the aesthetic of your home and outdoor area.

And as there are many models, the aesthetics of the exterior is a real argument! Between choice criteria and most used materials, we’ll help you out with this project. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our tips for choosing the perfect fence for your home.

1. Always be aware of the regulations


You may have noticed if you’ve already moved, but the rules change from one municipality to another. This applies to renovations, obtaining permits, and installing a tempo shelter as much as to your future fence. That’s right! Some cities impose limits on the height of the fence, depending on whether it is located on the property’s front, side, or back.

Often, states can also add rules regarding the distance to be respected between the fence and the edge of the property. It is, therefore, better to find out beforehand, to avoid having to start all over again… or receiving a fine! We don’t want to be fined for aesthetics, and you need to look into regulations before doing anything to your property.

2. Talk to your neighbors!

Communication is the key to a good relationship between a couple, a friendship… and a neighborhood. How would you like it if your neighbor decided to install a common fence without telling you? Probably not. Avoid neighborhood squabbles and discuss your project with your neighbors. And, above all, make sure you respect the limits of your property! Your certificate of location will come in handy…

Talking to your neighbors can come in handy, especially if they also want to put a fence around their property you can match to have a more rounded aesthetic to the whole neighborhood, which will definitely increase the property value of the whole neighborhood.

3. Evaluate your budget


Would you like a wood or wrought iron fence? These materials are certainly very popular but are also rather expensive and require considerable maintenance. Before deciding on a material, ask yourself a few questions: What is your budget? What function will your fence serve? Are there any aesthetic criteria to consider in your decision? Be aware that each type of fence has its qualities and faults. You may want to consider a combination fence to save money.

4Consider soil type when choosing an anchoring method

You’ve chosen the material and are ready to install your fence. Wait a minute, butterfly! Have you taken the time to examine your soil? Not all soils have the same composition, and the installation of your fence will depend on it (at least if you want your fence to be stable). You can’t install a fence the same way if the soil is clay, sandy or rocky… The soil type is also an important consideration as it will entrench the fence better, and this won’t cause any issues in the long run.

5. Don’t neglect Mother Nature!

Just like your soil, you need to consider the weather conditions of your location. For example, if your land is subject to high winds, the anchoring of the posts in the ground will have to be much more resistant; some materials, such as fences, also have the particularity of being less resistant to gusts of wind when the weather is windy. Consider this aspect in your final choice!

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