Sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice for your shower materials. For a glass shower enclosure, it is important to choose a material that is strong enough. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about tempered glass.

About tempered glass


Among the strongest materials, tempered glass has undergone a special treatment to have very high strength. It is a glass that has undergone a high degree of heat treatment (600 to 650° C) and is recognized as the most used for bay windows and shower enclosures. Tempered glass is strong enough not to crack in case of direct or indirect impact. For it, there are two types of treatment to give it its great strength: chemical treatment and heat treatment.

Chemical treatment

This involves soaking the material in a liquid containing a mixture of salt and potassium at a temperature above 400 ° C.

Heat treatment

The way to treat it is different from chemicals. The procedure is to put the glass in a furnace at a temperature of over 600°C. It is then cooled by dipping it in a liquid at a very low temperature. The material must have a minimum thickness. Tempered glass is mainly used for:

    • Windshields of cars,
    • The screens of electronic gadgets such as cell phones, tablets
    • The glazing of houses and furniture,
    • Furniture.

Tempered glass for a shower wall

You will enjoy many benefits by choosing tempered glass as a shower enclosure. It can withstand the heat of water very well while taking a shower. When it comes to choosing a type of glass for such use, it is always recommended to opt for tempered glass since it is five times stronger than ordinary glass.

It brings charm and clarity to your bathroom. It can be colored to your liking and is resistant to weather effects. In addition, tempered glass is customizable and can be treated to prevent scaling. However, it is important to note that the glass cannot be cut by yourself after tempering. If you need to do so, call a qualified glazier.

Tempered glass is subject to safety standards from the moment it leaves the factory. The same is true for quality standards. Both standards must be marked on the glass. In an accident, the risk of injury is minimal with tempered glass.

The different achievements with tempered glass


Even if your choice is already made for glass, it is important to give your shower a particular style, and you have many options, among which we can mention:

1. Frosted tempered glass

It is designed to keep your privacy. It has been treated to be totally opaque. Its opacity does not block the clarity of your shower. It is suitable for an apartment or a family home. It is also suitable for public locker rooms. Easy to maintain.

2. Clear tempered glass

Unlike frosted glass, it does not provide privacy even though it has reflections as a window. It is difficult to maintain because it cannot be treated against limescale.

3. Extra-clear tempered glass

It is the most resistant of all. Being extra-clear, it does not respect privacy and has no reflections. It supports a very high temperature.

4. Limitations of tempered glass


Tempered glass can only be cut with high-temperature heat treatment. When placing it, it needs fairly solid support because of its weight. In case of cracks, you should think about changing it because a small crack can alter most of the glass. The glass may be strong, but its corners and edges are very fragile. The glass can break completely if its edges receive a shock.

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