When converting the attic of your home, several elements must be considered, such as the ventilation and air conditioning system of the new room. The roof window seems to be a good alternative. Moreover, it adds character to the room. Here are 4 tips to help you make the right choice.

Select the Right Type of Opening

The type of opening is one of the many elements to consider before choosing a roof window. Several models are available depending on your requirements, roof layout, and budget. For example, the rotational roof window is well suited to a roof with a 15 to 90 degrees slope. It also requires ample space because it opens to the outside. Its price ranges from 95 to 1,000 €.

It is advisable to install a projection roof window for a roof with a slight slope from 15 to 55°. It has a simple opening system and does not clutter the room. It costs between 350 and 850 €.

If you are looking for a roof window that adapts to all types, choose the side model. It has the same opening system as a classic window. However, the side roof window is not recommended if you live with children.

Choose one with a motor to simplify the handling of your roof window. Its opening and closing will be done via remote control. It costs between 800 and 1 050 €.

Consider the Level of Insulation

The level of insulation is another criterion to consider before selecting a roof window. Install classic double glazing if you prefer to provide your building with standard insulation. However, if you want to optimize the thermal comfort of your home, choose a window with a low heat loss coefficient. You should also choose more efficient glazing to reduce your air conditioning and heating consumption.

If you wish to improve your new room’s thermal and sound insulation, it is better to choose double glazing with a 32dB loss coefficient.

Choosing the Right Material

Among the many criteria for selecting a roof window, the choice of material should not be overlooked. To provide good thermal and sound insulation:

Opt for a PVC or wood model.

If you want to limit water infiltration, install an aluminum roof window.

Choose a wooden roof window covered with molded plastic if the new room is used as a bathroom.

However, for a good level of waterproofing, choose a zinc model.

Determining the Right Size

To determine the right size for a roof window, you need to consider the room size. For a space of 2 to 3 m², choose a 55 x 78 cm model. If the room is between 4 and 6 m², installing a roof window of 78 x 98 cm is better. If the room is between 9 and 11 m², you should buy a 114 x 118 cm model. For a space larger than 11 m², choose a roof window of 134 x 98 cm.

Once you have selected the correct type of roof window, all you need to do is install it.