Lost attic spaces are uninhabitable. It would be best if you did some landscaping to make them convenient. You have to go through several steps to achieve this goal. This article will help you see an overview of the work that needs to be done so that you can prepare ahead of time.

Converting Lost Attic Space Into Living Space

First, trussed frames should be modified into traditional structures to have a less bulky space. Secondly, you can choose to raise the height of the roof by creating an extra floor by installing a new roof over the existing one. Changing the roof’s pitch is another option to free up space, especially if your roof has an abnormal angle. You can also resort to lowering the ceiling on the first floor to create more space.

Renovate the floor

It is necessary to support the attic floor with joists supported by the walls and beams. Then, we install the joists to solidify the foundation if the joists are too far apart. For the finish, you have the choice between slab and solid flooring before selecting the coverings according to the use of the room.

A bathroom

The bathroom is the most essential part of the house and should ideally be installed on the lower floor to manage wastewater drainage better. If you prefer a bathtub, it should be placed parallel to the slope to have a height of 1.20 m between the floor and the ceiling. If you choose a shower, integrating the faucets and the head must allow a height of at least 1.90 m. As for the toilet bowl and the washbasin, they are installed at the height of 40 cm and 90 cm, respectively. Among other things, it is essential to ventilate the room well so that moisture does not accumulate in the walls. Next, you must cover the floor and wall with tiles and earthenware. Finally, light your attic bathroom with an LED bulb, light materials, and mirrors.

A bedroom

You have the option of transposing the style of your bedroom into an attic room. You can then add recessed spotlights on the floor or ceiling, a lamp, or luminous objects, and paint your walls in a light color. However, since there is a lack of natural light, you will have to open the roof to let the light in.

An office

To install an attic office, choose between a classic desk or a simple workspace with a board cut to fit the available space. Preferably, place the desk in the center. You can also put storage furniture all around, ideally hanging on the wall so as not to block the view.

A master suite

This allows you to have a bedroom, a bathroom, and a dressing area in one room. Add an optional sitting area, reading area, or office area if you have much more space.

Insulate the attic

Insulation of the roof, floor and partitions must be done. There are several insulating materials for attics: mineral wool, vegetable wool, and animal wool. There is also expanded polystyrene insulation, cork, wood fiber, perlite, and thin insulation. The choice of insulation materials should not be made lightly. The intervention of a specialist in attic insulation is mandatory to perform the installation.

Installing heaters

It is possible to extend an existing heating system. However, you can opt for an electric heater if the insulation is impeccable or for electric radiators.

Think about ventilation

A ventilation system is necessary to manage condensation better and limit humidity. The VMC and the reversible fan with blades are the most adapted for attics.