All useless or cumbersome objects or furniture are collected in a storage room. It is also a service offered by various companies or private companies to help individuals quickly get rid of their premises, offices or apartments.

The Principle of Junk Removal

To properly organize your junk removal, it is essential to sort out your belongings. Indeed, you have to determine the future of each item and decide which objects you want to keep, throw away, reclassify or reuse. However, it is possible to consider selling certain items such as works of art (valuable paintings). Once the sorting is done, call a junk removal company to send a junk collector to make your estimate. This one is established according to :

  • the volumes to be cleared and their nature ;
  • the labour and the deposit of objects;
  • the transport and the material of unloading used;
  • the insurance ;
  • the cost of recycling at the waste disposal center.

Junk removal services also collaborate with other service providers: antique dealers, second-hand dealers, etc.

In the case of a house clearance, getting information from the town hall is necessary to know the steps to follow. Indeed, the house sale is regulated, and you are obliged to make a preliminary request. This can be established by the company that you have hired.

The Types of Junk Removal

There are 3 types of junk removal:

Free storage:

The junk collector’s first visit consists of inventorying the objects or old furniture to be recovered and establishing a detailed list. It is necessary to make inspections in the attics or cellars of your house. Indeed, the “quality objects” (precious and valuable) are often found in these places. Once they are valued, it is up to you to decide what to do with them: keep or sell. You can also deduct your storage costs with the estimated values. If these are equivalent to the costs of the intervention, you will benefit from free storage.

Billed or Paid Storage:

When the estimated value of the goods or objects to be cleared does not cover the costs of the intervention, we call it paid clearance. In general, the surplus is invoiced per m³.

The Compensated or Valued Clearance:

This last formula is very popular because in addition to getting rid of useless objects, you can earn a sum of money. If the estimated value exceeds the total cost of the removal, the company is obliged to pay you the difference.

The Different Situations to Request the Services of a Junk Removal Company

The services of a junk removal company are generally requested in these 2 situations:

A succession:

The clearance of succession can be carried out in the event of departure in retirement. But the term “succession” always refers to the death of the owner of the place and the goods. It is always difficult to agree on who will inherit the house or property of the deceased. The best solution is to sell them and divide the money earned. Therefore, it is essential to call upon a junk removal professional to make an inventory of the deceased’s belongings. Once the list and the estimate are established, the heirs receive an inventory deed viewed by a notary and an auctioneer.


It is essential to clear your home or apartment for a successful move. This will lighten your load and allow you to get rid of bulky items. Not only will you benefit from savings on moving costs, but you will also save considerable time. In addition, you will optimize the storage of your new apartment.